The Word on White Lines II: Sunny

The Word on White Lines II: Sunny

Reviewer Rollie Welch of Library Journal's "The Word on Street Lit" column recently took a look at the latest White Lines book from Essence bestselling author Tracy Brown, WHITE LINES II: SUNNY.

Welch said, 


Sunny Cruz has it all—at least on the surface. Just shy of 40, this Manhattan girl still can bring it on the modeling runway, and business ventures allow a lavish lifestyle. But she mourns Dorian, the love of her life who died ten years ago. A movie offer brings her to L.A. where she meets Malcolm, a sexy lawyer who brings in a six-figure salary. So what’s the problem? Nothing that alcohol and Percocet can’t fix. That is until Sunny stumbles onto her old love—cocaine. Now living two lives, Sunny struggles to keep her dark side a secret. She finds that Malcolm is all wine, cheese, and jazz, while she knows she’s Hennessy, chicken wings, and hip-hop. Opposites attract but only to a point.

VERDICT Brown’s (WHITE LINES; AFTERMATH) latest is more of an intricate romance than a street novel; relationships grow complicated as jealousy builds. Still many of the characters, although they live in luxury, have a street background that comes out under pressure. When Sunny lets loose her inner Brooklyn side, look out! Brown has a big following. Buy multiples.

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