About Us

People will always love stories, and, regardless of the format, librarians will always look to us to help them sift through it all.

Amanda Rountree is the Associate Digital Media Manager for library marketing. After saying farewell to her home state of Georgia and attending NYU's Summer Publishing Institute, Amanda spent four years under the tutelage of the amazing Virginia Stanley at HarperCollins before joining Macmillan and eventually making her way back to her forever home in library marketing. A long-time lover of libraries, Amanda is excited to share her passion for all things fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and horror (but she'll read anything that comes with a good recommendation).


Emily Day is the Library Marketing Coordinator & YA Specialist. In 2019, she was proud to have been named a PW Star Watch Honoree.  A former teacher (at an international school in Singapore) and bookseller (shout out to Boston's Trident Booksellers and Cafe!), she loves books for kids and teens, but also enjoys autobiographies and adult fiction. You can find her on Twitter @emday_.

Samantha Slavin is the Library Marketing Coordinator. After spending four years eating her way through New Orleans, working in New Orleans tourism and marketing and at a literary publicity firm, she found her way back home to NYC. Samantha can always be found curled up somewhere with a book or exploring the branches of the NYPL. Whether it is a memoir, a mystery, or historical fiction, Samantha takes her yearly reading challenges very seriously and is always making book recommendation lists for friends.



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