Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About LibraryReads

LibraryReads is a program which harnesses the value of “library staff picks” into a single nation-wide discovery tool, a monthly list of ten newly released must-reads.

The goal of LibraryReads is to help connect books to as many readers as possible and showcase the incredible power that public library staff has in helping to building word-of-mouth for new books and creating audiences for all kinds of authors.

Any Public Library Staff Member Can Vote for Books via Edelweiss and NetGalley! Both services are free for librarians to register and use. 

You can find all voting guidelines and important reminders here.

As a librarian, you can also get pre-approved to have access to all Macmillan galleys! For more information on how to get whitelisted, read this article.

Read in any format you like–paper or digital–but please submit all your reviews electronically, via Edelweiss or NetGalley.

Voting Deadlines for 2023:
Votes for January 2023 LibraryReads list titles are due December 1, 2022
Votes for February 2023 LibraryReads list titles are due January 1, 2023
Votes for March 2023 LibraryReads list titles are due February 1, 2023
Votes for April 2023 LibraryReads list titles are due March 1, 2023
Votes for May 2023 LibraryReads list titles are due April 1, 2023
Votes for June 2023 LibraryReads list titles are due May 1, 2023
Votes for July 2023 LibraryReads list titles are due June 1, 2023
Votes for August 2023 LibraryReads list titles are due July 1, 2023
Votes for September 2023 LibraryReads list titles are due August 1, 2023
Votes for October 2023 LibraryReads list titles are due September 1, 2023
Votes for November 2023 LibraryReads list titles are due October 1, 2023
Votes for December 2023 LibraryReads list titles are due November 1, 2023

Use FREE downloadable marketing materials to support LibraryReads in your library! 

Every month the new list is published on LibraryReads, along with FREE downloadable marketing and display materials featuring jacket art and library blurbs, including online banner ads and color and B&W flyers. Need ideas?

* Create a dedicated monthly display of LibraryReads titles
* Sticker copies of LibraryReads titles
* Post online banner ads on your library’s website
* Include LibraryReads-recommended titles in your library’s newsletter
* Print copies of the provided flyer and post them on your community bulletin board or have them available as handouts for patrons to take
* Print copies of the provided horizontal banner for patrons to use as bookmarks

How to sign up for Edelweiss & NetGalley:

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Edelweiss: You must be an Edelweiss user and registered as a public librarian. To vote for a title, find the book page while logged into Edelweiss and click on the Review icon. You will see a check box for “LibraryReads”; click on it when saving your review to vote for that title.

If you are already an Edelweiss user, and logged in, but don’t see the option to submit to “LibraryReads” when you click on “Your Review,” you may be in an Edelweiss organization that is not classified as a public library. In this case, please email support@abovethetreeline.com for help.

If you are not an Edelweiss user, please register for Edelweiss using the Organization Type “Library – Public” to join the LibraryReads community.

For more Edelweiss/LibraryReads resources, watch this webinar.

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NetGalley: You must be a NetGalley user and registered as a librarian. If so, then you may vote for titles via the “Give Feedback” button on the Title Details page. If you’re not a member of NetGalley, you may register at NetGalley.com, then you’ll be able to request digital galleys and be invited to view new titles.

LibraryReads FAQ

Is LibraryReads limited to just librarians?
No; however, you must be employed by a U.S. public library. Participation is open to all staff members, no matter which area of the library you work in. You don’t need to belong to an association, and you don’t need a specialized degree. If you love to read and are passionate about discovering wonderful books, you are welcome to join!

How does the list get decided?
The list is a straightforward calculation: whichever ten books get the most nominations go onto the monthly list. The book with the most nominations becomes the top pick. It’s as simple as that! Books from all adult genres and categories, both fiction and non-fiction are welcome.

Each month’s list will be made up of titles that are newly published that month, so please submit as far in advance of publication as is possible and practical. You don’t have to “hold” your votes until a deadline – feel free to submit them as soon as you’ve finished reading a book.

Authors who have made multiple LibraryReads lists will move into the “Hall of Fame” after their third pick.

What should I say when voting for a book?
Write conversationally, as though you were talking about a favorite title with a patron or colleague at the library, or with a friend. Use your own voice. Think of what sort of reader would enjoy this book, and describe it so that they can find it. What is special about this book? To what other authors or experiences might you compare it?

If you really loved reading something and don’t have time to write a review before the deadline, don’t worry about it. It’s perfectly okay to say “I read this book and totally loved it!” – that counts as a vote. And don’t worry about the quotes you see in the final LibraryReads list–they’ve all been edited for grammar and punctuation. View more tips here.

Can I vote for more than one book at a time?
YES! We encourage you to vote early and often.

How will the monthly list be announced?
The list will be announced via e-mail and social media – you can sign up for the newsletter on LibraryReads.org.

How is the LibraryReads list different than other lists?
It’s not a “best” of anything, and there are no judges or juries. The monthly list represents collective favorites – the books librarians loved reading and cannot wait to share! LibraryReads is designed to be inclusive, and to represent a broad range of reading tastes.

How can I connect with LibraryReads?
Be social! Connect with LibraryReads on Facebook, Twitter (@LibraryReads99, #LibraryReads), Tumblr, and Pinterest, and sign up for their newsletter.

Remember to nominate early and nominate often!

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