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Lost in the moment and found cover

Available now | 1/10/23

A young girl discovers an inifinite variety of worlds in this standalone tale in the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Wayward Children series.

“The eighth book (after WHERE THE DROWNED GIRLS GO) of McGuire’s “Wayward Children” series is a haunting adventure about the loss of childhood innocence and ultimately, about finding strength and belonging.” Library Journal, starred review

“Antsy is a pleasing addition to the lore of Wayward Children, promising plenty of intrigue to come.” Booklist

Hell Bent cover

HELL BENT by Leigh Bardugo
Available now | 1/10/2023
Flatiron Books

Find a gateway to the underworld. Steal a soul out of hell. A simple plan, except people who make this particular journey rarely come back. But Galaxy “Alex” Stern is determined to break Darlington out of purgatory even if it costs her a future at Lethe and at Yale.

“The taut plot, often grisly magic, lavish scene-setting, and wry humor combine to make this just as un-put-downable as the first installment. Readers will be wowed.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Fans of the series will be thrilled to reenter the world of Lethe house, and the current popularity of dark academia will send it to the top of TBR piles.”
Library Journal, starred review

“This portrait of a survivor’s dogged determination to accomplish her goal will appeal to readers of dark academia, urban fantasy, and horror . . . Adult and teen readers alike will flock to the sequel to 2019’s Ninth House.” Booklist, starred review

“Well-drawn characters introduce the criminal underworld to the occult kind in a breathless and compelling plot.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

What lies in the woods cover

WHAT LIES IN THE WOODS by Kate Alice Marshall
Available now | 1/17/2023
Flatiron Books

They were eleven when they sent a killer to prison . . .
They were heroes . . . but they were liars.

“In a novel filled with emotional depth and convincing red herrings, Marshall delivers a propulsive mystery about trust, secrets, and friendships.” Booklist, starred review

“Great writing and boldly drawn characters bring a terrifying tale to all-too-vivid life.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“YA author Marshall makes her adult debut with a powerful psychological thriller . . . This emotionally involving tale of friendship, betrayal, and redemption leaves an indelible impression.” Publishers Weekly

Locust Lane cover

LOCUST LANE by Stephen Amidon
Available now | 1/17/2023
Celadon Books

For fans of MYSTIC RIVER by Dennis Lehane and LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE by Celeste Ng, Stephen Amidon’s LOCUST LANE is a taut and utterly propulsive story about the search for justice and the fault lines of power and influence in a seemingly idyllic town. Can anyone be trusted?

“Older teens will identify with this captivating novel’s many YA characters.”
Booklist, Starred Review

Please Report Your Bug Here cover

Available now | 1/17/2023
Henry Holt and Co.

Introducing Josh Riedel’s adrenaline-packed debut novel about a dating app employee who discovers a glitch that transports him to other worlds.

All Hallows cover

ALL HALLOWS by Christopher Golden
Available now | 1/24/2023
St. Martin’s Press

With the 80’s nostalgia of Stranger Things, this horror drama from NYT bestselling author Christopher Golden follows neighborhood families and a mysterious, lurking evil on one Halloween day.

“With its Slender Man meets Stranger Things vibe and a strong cast of teen protagonists carrying the narration, this will be a crowd-pleaser for teen readers.”
Booklist, starred review

Jumps the gun cover

Available now | 1/31/2023
Minotaur Books

From USA Today bestseller and Edgar-Award nominee Elle Cosimano, comes the hilarious and heart-pounding next installment in the beloved Finlay Donovan series.

“Readers who love fast-paced, action-packed mysteries should pick this up.” Library Journal

MAAME cover

MAAME by Jessica George
Available now | 1/31/2023
St. Martin’s Press

An unforgettable debut about a young British Ghanaian woman as she navigates her twenties and finds her place in the world, for readers of QUEENIE and The Other Black Girl.

“In this pitch-perfect debut, George captures the uncertainty, freedom, and anxiety of a London woman’s mid-20s . . . The work’s ample magnetism resides in the savvy portrayal of Maddie’s as a complicated, sharp, and vulnerable person who is trying to figure out adulthood. Readers will revel in this.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A fresh, often funny, always poignant take on the coming-of-age novel.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

How the Blood of the Congo Powers our Lives cover

COBALT RED: How the Blood of the Congo Powers our Lives by Siddharth Kara
Available now | 1/31/2023
St. Martin’s Press

An unflinching investigation reveals the human rights abuses behind the Congo’s cobalt mining operation and the moral implications that affect us all.

“Teens researching companies, like Apple and Tesla, that rely on lithium batteries will learn a lot from this hard-charging book.” Booklist, starred review

“A horrifying yet necessary picture of exploitation and poverty in the Congo.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Readers will outraged and empowered to call for change.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

The Cradle of Ice Cover

THE CRADLE OF ICE by James Rollins
Available now
| 2/7/2023
Tor Books

The second book in the New York Times bestselling Moon Fall series from thriller-master James Rollins, THE CRADLE OF ICE is a page-turning tale of action, adventure, betrayal, ambition, and the struggle for survival in a harsh world that hangs by a thread.

Western Lane cover

WESTERN LANE by Chetna Maroo
Available now | 2/7/2023
Farrar, Straus and Giroux

An indelible coming-of-age story, Chetna Maroo’s first novel captures the ordinary and annihilates it with beauty. A taut, enthralling first novel about grief, sisterhood, and a young athlete’s struggle to transcend herself.

“A debut novel of immense poise and promise.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Gopi and her sisters navigate the trials of competitive sports, young love, and familial discord.” Booklist

My Last Innocent Year cover

MY LAST INNOCENT YEAR by Daisy Alpert Florin
Available now | 2/14/2023
Henry Holt and Co.

An incisive, deeply resonant debut novel about a nonconsensual sexual encounter that propels one woman’s final semester at an elite New England college into controversy and chaos—and into an ill-advised affair with a married professor

“Isabel recalls this heady moment in her coming-of-age as an older woman looking back, but her young adult perspective rings true.” Booklist

Arch Conspirator Cover

Available now | 2/21/2023
Tor Books

A razor-sharp and beautifully heart-rending reimagining of Antigone from #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth.

“Bestseller Roth, best known for the YA Divergent series, turns from trilogy sprawl to the confines of novella and expertly meets the demands of the form, offering just enough worldbuilding and keeping a tight focus on her well-drawn characters’ difficult choices . . . This powerful tale of reproductive oppression is sure to wow.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

A country You Can Leave cover

A COUNTRY YOU CAN LEAVE by Asale Angel-Ajani
Available now | 2/21/2023

A gorgeous, scathing debut novel following the turbulent relationship of a Black, biracial teen and her ferocious Russian mother, struggling to survive in the California desert.

“In perceptive prose and wry dialogue, Angel-Ajani brings to life a mother and daughter trapped by their circumstances. This is exemplary.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

The Crane Husband cover

THE CRANE HUSBAND by Kelly Barnhill
Available now | 2/28/2023

Beloved and bestselling author Kelly Barnhill brings her singular talents to a raw, powerful story of love, sacrifice, and family.

“Fairy-tale retellings are always popular with teens, and Barnhill’s 15-year-old protagonist will further induce them to pick this up.” Booklist, starred review

“With this grim, grown-up fairy tale, Newbery Medalist Barnhill delivers a dark and engrossing response to the folk tale of The Crane Wife . . . In bleak but beautiful prose, Barnhill maintains the original fable’s examination of female exploitation at the hands of male partners and the limits of self-sacrifice, while also touching on more contemporary themes like drone surveillance and the commodification of art.” Publishers Weekly

WeyWard Cover

WEYWARD by Emilia Hart
Available now | 3/7/2023
St. Martin’s Press

A riveting debut that explores witchcraft and female intuitive powers, told over five centuries through three connected women, for fans of Kate Morton, Diane Setterfield, and Sarah Perry.

“Hart explores in her triumphant debut sexual desire, violence, and personal autonomy in the lives of three strong-willed English women from the 17th century to the present . . . Hart skillfully weaves together the stories of the determined women, showing how they confronted a patriarchal society to take control of their lives.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

What have we done cover

WHAT HAVE WE DONE by Alex Finlay
Available now | 3/7/2023
Minotaur Books

From Alex Finlay, the author of EVERY LAST FEAR and THE NIGHT SHIFT, comes an action-packed new thriller about the lives we leave behind and the secrets we carry with us forever.

“Readers will eagerly follow the maze-like plot, with its many twists and turns, to the exciting conclusion. This isn’t to be missed.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

The god of endings cover

THE GOD OF ENDINGS by Jacqueline Holland
Available now | 3/7/2023
Flatiron Books

By turns suspenseful and enchanting, this breathtaking first novel weaves a story of love, family, history, and myth as seen through the eyes of one immortal woman.

“Holland’s refreshing vampires lean philosophical as they struggle with immense grief and loneliness. The intrinsic magic of her worldbuilding, meanwhile, creates a consistent feeling of mystery.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Holland’s well-crafted debut features atmospheric prose and excellent character development. Great for fans of Anne Rice’s INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE and V. E. Schwab’s THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF ADDIE LARUE.” Library Journal

Infamous cover

INFAMOUS by Lex Croucher
Available now | 3/21/2023
St. Martin’s Griffin

Dickinson meets Booksmart with a dash of Little Women in this Regency-era queer romantic comedy with a deliciously feminist twist, from the author of REPUTATION.

“Bookish readers who wish that Alcott’s Little Women were a bit more explicitly queer will lap this up.” Publishers Weekly

“Croucher’s novel is witty, well-written, and heartfelt and will intrigue those looking for writerly heroines and friends-to-lovers romance between women.” Library Journal

Beyond that the sea cover

BEYOND THAT, THE SEA by Laura Spence-Ash
Available now | 3/21/2023
Celadon Books

A sweeping, tenderhearted love story, BEYOND THAT, THE SEA tells the story of two families living through World War II on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and the shy, irresistible young woman who will call them both her own.

“A young’s woman’s family loyalties are divided as she leaves her London home for Boston during WWII in Spence-Ash’s magnetic debut . . . Readers will be riveted.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

A house With Good Bones Cover

Available now | 3/28/2023
Tor Nightfire

A contemporary Southern Gothic from a master of modern horror that explores the deep, dark roots of family and in which grandma’s ghost haunting your house may be the least of your worries.

“Hugo and Nebula Award winner Kingfisher goes Southern gothic (Waffle House visits included) in this hilarious and gruesome contemporary horror novel . . . Horror fans who like a little whimsy on the way to a chilling climax won’t want to miss this.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

Birdgirl cover

BIRDGIRL: Looking to the Skies in Search of a Better Future by Mya-Rose Craig
Available now | 3/28/2023
Celadon Books

Birder, environmentalist and activist Mya-Rose Craig is an international force. In her moving memoir, Birdgirl, she chronicles her mother’s struggle with mental illness, and shares her passion for social justice and fierce dedication to preserving our planet.

“YAs will be inspired by how Craig turned a love of birds and coping with family challenges into environmental and Indigenous rights activism.” Booklist, starred review

“This will inspire nature-minded readers.” Publishers Weekly

Tress of the emerald sea cover

TRESS OF THE EMERALD SEA by Brandon Sanderson
Available now | 4/4/2023
Tor Books

#1 New York Times Bestselling author Brandon Sanderson brings us deeper into the Cosmere universe with a standalone adventure that will appeal to fans of The Princess Bride.

“An original fairy tale that will delight fans of William Goldman’s The Princess Bride and Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.” Booklist

House of cotton cover

HOUSE OF COTTON by Monica Brashears
Available now | 4/4/2023
Flatiron Books

Sharp as a belted knife, this sly social commentary cuts straight to the bone, revealing the aftermath of the American plantation and what it means to be poor, Black, and a woman in the God fearing south.

The sky above the roof cover

A propulsive, kaleidoscopic novel about a fractured family and the persistence of hope.

THE SKY ABOVE THE ROOF by Nathacha Appanah
Available now | 4/4/2023
Graywolf Press

One For My Enemy cover

ONE FOR MY ENEMY by Olivie Blake
Available now | 4/4/2023
Tor Books

A thrilling story of rival witch families in New York City, from New York Times bestselling author and internet phenomenon Olivie Blake.

“Teen readers will enjoy the fast pace and romance.” Booklist

Some Desperate Glory cover

Available now | 4/11/2023

A thrillingly told queer space opera about the wreckage of war, the family you find, and who you must become when every choice is stripped from you, SOME DESPERATE GLORY is award-winning author Emily Tesh’s highly anticipated debut novel.

“The first novel from Tesh is an intriguing space opera and study of radicalization, indoctrination, and what happens when one breaks free in the most absolute way.” Library Journal, starred review

Adelaide cover

ADELAIDE by Genevieve Wheeler
Available now | 4/18/2023
St. Martin’s Press

A millennial love story, ADELAIDE explores the complexities of grief, the power of friendship, and the nuance of mental health. With unflinching honesty, and zany warmth, this raw, vulnerable novel captures the timeless nature of what it’s like to be young and in love with your friends, with your city, and with a person who cannot, will not, love you back.

Biting the hand cover

BITING THE HAND: Growing Up Asian in Black and White America by Julia Lee
Available now | 4/18/2023
Henry Holt and Co.

In the vein of ELOQUENT RAGE and MINOR FEELINGS a passionate, no-holds-barred memoir about the Asian American experience in a nation defined by racial stratification. With prose by turns scathing and heart-wrenching, Julia Lee lays bare the complex disorientation and shame that stems from this country’s imposed racial hierarchy to argue that Asian Americans must leverage their liminality for lasting social change alongside Black and brown communities.

“This coming-of-age memoir by a Korean American will speak strongly to teen readers.” Booklist

for the first time again cover

Available now | 4/18/2023

When a discreet First Contact scenario develops into a potential invasion, humanity must rely on an alien species already living among us, for help.

hard rain cover

HARD RAIN by Samantha Jayne Allen
Available now | 4/18/2023
Minotaur Books

From the Tony Hillerman Prize-winning author of PAY DIRT ROAD comes Samantha Jayne Allen’s mesmerizing new novel set in a hardscrabble Texas town dealing with disaster.

In the lives of puppets cover

Available now | 4/25/2023
Tor Books

Swiss Family Robinson meets Wall-E in the woods in this new standalone fantasy from beloved New York Times and USA Today bestselling author TJ Klune.

“Lots of young adult soul-searching will attract teen readers.” Booklist

Red team blues cover

RED TEAM BLUES by Cory Doctorow
Available now | 4/25/2023
Tor Books

New York Times bestseller Cory Doctorow’s RED TEAM BLUES is a grabby next-Tuesday thriller about cryptocurrency shenanigans that will awaken you to how the world really works.

“Another winner from an sf wizard who has always proved himself adept at blending genres for both adults and teens.” Booklist

Wonder Boy cover

WONDER BOY: Tony Shieh, Zappos, and the Myth of Happiness in Silicon Valley by Angel Au-Yeung and David Jeans
Available now | 4/25/2023
Henry Holt and Co.

A riveting investigation into the turbulent life of Zappos visionary Tony Hsieh, whose radical business strategies revolutionized both the tech world and corporate culture, based on rigorous research and reporting by two seasoned journalists.

“High-school students will admire Hsieh’s business acumen and commitment to happiness.” Booklist

The elephants of Thula Thula cover

THE ELEPHANTS OF THULA THULA by Françoise Malby-Anthony
Available now | 4/25/2023
St. Martin’s Press

A powerful, gripping story about an extraordinary herd of elephants and the woman dedicated to keeping them safe.

“Teens will love the excitement of working with large animals in the wild.” Booklist

Fourth wing cover

FOURTH WING by Rebecca Yarros
Available now | 5/2/2023
Entangled: Red Tower Books

The heat levels of Sarah J. Maas meets the story-telling of Leigh Bardugo, with a fresh take on dragons not seen since Robin Hobb, set in an elite war college for dragon riders where the only rule is graduate or die.

“Yarros’s worldbuilding is intricate without being overbearing, setting the stage for Violet’s satisfying growth into a force to be reckoned with. Readers will be spellbound and eager for more.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

Spring's Arcana cover

SPRING’S ARCANA by Lilith Saintcrow
Available now | 5/2/2023
Tor Books

American Gods vs. Baba Yaga in this Russian-inspired contemporary fantasy by New York Times bestseller Lilith Saintcrow.

“With a protagonist in her early 20s and a hint of romance, this may appeal to older teen readers.” Booklist

SHY Cover

SHY by Max Porter
Available now | 5/2/2023
Graywolf Press

A novel about guilt, rage, imagination, and boyhood, about being lost in the dark and learning you’re not alone. This is the story of a few strange hours in the life of a troubled teenage boy.

Gone to the Wolves cover

Available now | 5/2/2023
Farrar, Straus and Giroux

In his most absorbing and ambitious novel yet, John Wray dives deep into the wild, funhouse world of heavy metal and death cults in the 1980s and ’90s. GONE TO THE WOLVES lays bare the intensity, tumult, and thrill of friendship in adolescence a time when music can often feel like life or death.


ATALANTA by Jennifer Saint
Available now | 5/9/2023
Flatiron Books

From the beloved, bestselling author of ELEKTRA and ARIADNE, a reimagining of the myth of Atalanta, a fierce huntress raised by bears and the only woman in the world’s most famous band of heroes, the Argonauts.

“Teen readers will enjoy this modern retelling with its bold female protagonist.” Booklist

Fractal Noise cover

FRACTAL NOISE by Christopher Paolini
Available now | 5/16/2023
Tor Books

A new blockbuster science fiction adventure from world-wide phenomenon and #1 New York Times bestseller Christopher Paolini, set in the world of New York Times and USA Today bestseller TO SLEEP IN A SEA OF STARS.

Seven rules for breaking heart cover

Available now | 5/16/2023
St. Martin’s Griffin

In this sparkling debut rom-com, a perpetually single podcaster has to break all of her own dating rules.

Crowned cover

CROWNED: Magical Folk and Fairy Tales from the Diaspora by Kahran Bethencourt and Regis Bethencourt
Available now | 5/23/2023
St. Martin’s Press

From the New York Times bestsellers of GLORY, CreativeSoul, comes a completely reimagined collection of classic fairy and folk tales that is destined to become a new classic for all ages.

Fancy Bear Goes phishing cover

FANCY BEAR GOES PHISHING: The Dark History of the Information Age, in Five Extraordinary Hacks by Scott J. Shapiro
Available now | 5/23/23
Farrar, Straus & Giroux

An entertaining account of the philosophy and technology of hacking—and why we all need to understand it.

“Teens will enjoy Shapiro’s narrative approach to the internet and hacking.” Booklist

Witch king cover

WITCH KING by Martha Wells
Available now | 5/30/2023

From the breakout SFF superstar author of Murderbot comes a remarkable story of power and friendship, of trust and betrayal, and of the families we choose.

The girls of summer cover

Available now | 6/6/2023
St. Martin’s Press

A psychological novel about the complex nature of memory, trauma, power, and consent, pitched against the backdrop of a life-changing summer in the Greek isles, for readers of MY DARK VANESSA.

“Journalist Bishop’s promising first novel is a timely exploration of the way predatory older men seduce and manipulate young women.” Publishers Weekly

Open Throat Cover

OPEN THROAT by Henry Hoke
Available now | 6/6/2023

In elegiac prose woven with humor, imagination, sensuality, and tragedy, Henry Hoke’s OPEN THROAT is a marvel of storytelling, a universal journey through a wondrous and menacing world told by a lovable, queer mountain lion. Both feral and vulnerable, profound and playful, this is a star-making novel that brings mythmaking to real life.

“Teens will be intrigued by this offbeat crossover novel, which could have been published as YA fiction.” Booklist

“Compassionate, fierce, and bittersweet, this is an unforgettable love letter to the wild.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

The First Bright thing cover

Available now | 6/13/2023
Tor Books

This spellbinding debut is perfect for fans of THE NIGHT CIRCUS and THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF ADDIE LARUE. If you knew how dark tomorrow would be, what would you do with today? Welcome to the Circus of the Fantasticals.

Maddalena and the dark cover

Available now | 6/13/2023
Flatiron Books

For fans of THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF ADDIE LARUE and MEXICAN GOTHIC, a novel set in 18th-century Venice at a prestigious music school, about two girls drawn together by a dangerous wager.

“Teen fans of gothic historical fiction will be drawn in by Maddalena and Luisa, teens themselves.” Booklist

“Fine delivers a masterly exploration of the shifting power dynamics of the protagonists’ relationship, particularly as Maddalena’s devotion to Luisa curdles into obsession. With the alluring Venice backdrop, this will frighten and captivate in equal measure.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

Night's Edge cover

NIGHT’S EDGE by Liz Kerin
Available now | 6/20/2023
Tor Nightfire

A sun-drenched novel about how monstrous we can be to the ones we love most, featuring a contentious relationship between a vampire and her daughter.

“Vampire fans looking for a fresh take on the monsters should snap this up.” Publishers Weekly

Through the groves cover

THROUGH THE GROVES: A Memoir by Anne Hull
Available now | 6/20/2023
Henry Holt & Co.

A richly evocative coming-of-age memoir set in the Florida orange groves of the 1960s by a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist.

” . . . a stirring account of growing up at odds with one’s environment and making it out on the other side.” Publishers Weekly

“A funny, candid, and authentic memoir.” Kirkus Reviews

Boys in the valley

BOYS IN THE VALLEY by Philip Fracassi
Available now | 7/11/2023
Tor Nightfire

The Exorcist meets Lord of the Flies, by way of Midnight Mass, in this brilliant coming-of-age tale from award-winning author Philip Fracassi.

Nothing Special

NOTHING SPECIAL by Nicole Flattery
Available now | 7/11/2023
Bloomsbury Publishing

From the author Sally Rooney called “bold, irreverent, and agonizingly funny,” a wildly original coming-of-age novel about a teenage girl working at Andy Warhol’s Factory in 1960s America.

“In the inspired latest from Irish writer Flattery, a woman looks back on her disaffected youth in 1960s New York City, where she falls into the Andy Warhol scene . . . Flattery’s fresh take on familiar lore makes this something special indeed.” Publishers Weekly

Star Bringer cover

STAR BRINGER by Tracy Wolff and Nina Croft
Available now | 7/11/2023
Entangled: Red Tower Books

Firefly meets The Breakfast Club in this high-concept, LGBTQ+ romance from #1 New York Times bestselling author Tracy Wolff and bestselling author Nina Croft.

The Sea Elephants cover

THE SEA ELEPHANTS by Shastri Akella
Available now | 7/11/2023
Flatiron Books

A queer coming-of-age novel set in 1990s India, about a young man who flees his father’s threats to send him to a conversion center by joining a street theater troupe.

The Summer Girl Cover

THE SUMMER GIRL by Elle Kennedy
Available now | 7/18/2023
St. Martin’s Griffin

Elle Kennedy’s next spicy and emotional romance in the blockbuster Avalon Bay series.

The Wonder state cover

THE WONDER STATE by Sara Flannery Murphy
Available now | 7/18/2023

From the author of GIRL ONE comes a spellbinding adventure about a strange power lurking in the Arkansas Ozarks, and the group of friends obsessed with finding it.

“Teens will become immersed in Murphy’s imaginative world.” Booklist, starred review

Camp Damascus cover

CAMP DAMASCUS by Chuck Tingle
Available now | 7/18/2023
Tor Nightfire

From beloved internet icon Chuck Tingle comes a horror debut about the demons the queer community faces in America, the price of keeping secrets, and finding the courage to burn it all down.

“Twenty-year-old Rose’s story will appeal to older YA readers looking for queer horror.” Booklist, starred review

King of the armadillos cover

Available now | 7/25/2023
Flatiron Books

A transcendent debut novel about family, love, and belonging, set against the backdrops of 1950s New York City and a historical leprosarium in Louisiana, following one young man’s quest to not only survive, but live a full and vibrant life.

“Victor’s transformative experiences with other teen patients at Carville should resonate, especially with older YAs.” Booklist

Wild Spaces cover

Available now | 8/1/2023

A foreboding, sensual coming-of-age story in which the corrosive nature of family secrets and toxic relatives assume eldritch proportions.

Masters of Death cover

MASTERS OF DEATH by Olivie Blake
Available now | 8/8/2023
Tor Books

From the New York Times bestselling author of THE ATLAS SIX comes a story about vampires, ghosts, and death itself.

“Young adult readers will enjoy the relationships and the paranormal set-up.” Booklist

Tangles Vines Cover

TANGLED VINES: Power, Privilege, and the Murdaugh Family Murders by John Glatt
Available now | 8/8/2023
St. Martin’s Press

Bestselling true crime author John Glatt reconstructs the rise of the prestigious Murdaugh family and the shocking double murder that led to the downfall of its patriarch, Alex Murdaugh.

“True-crime–obsessed teens will be hooked.” Booklist, starred review

Looking Glass Sound cover

Available now | 8/8/2023
Tor Nightfire

From Catriona Ward, author of THE LAST HOUSE ON NEEDLESS STREET, comes another mind-bending and cleverly crafted tale about a group of friends struggling to come to terms with the horrors of their past.

“With teenage characters and themes of coming of age and dark academia, horror-loving teen readers will get swept up in the fear and drama of this satisfyingly twisted tale.” Booklist, starred review


THORNHEDGE by T. Kingfisher
Available now | 8/15/2023
Tor Books

From USA Today bestselling author, T. Kingfisher, comes an original, subversive fairytale about a kind-hearted, toad-shaped heroine, a gentle knight, and a mission gone completely sideways.

“Kingfisher’s trademark wit and compassion transforms “Sleeping Beauty” into a moving meditation on guilt, grief, and duty, as well as a surprisingly sweet romance between outsiders. There are no false notes here.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

Young Queens cover

YOUNG QUEENS: Three Renaissance Women and the Price of Power by Leah Redmond Chang
Available now | 8/15/2023
Farrar, Straus & Giroux

Following the intertwined stories of the three women from girlhood through young adulthood, Leah Redmond Chang’s YOUNG QUEENS paints a picture of a world in which a woman could wield power at the highest level yet remain at the mercy of the state, her body serving as the currency of empire and dynasty, sacrificed to the will of husband, family, kingdom.

Althea cover

ALTHEA: The Life of Tennis Champion Althea Gibson by Sally H. Jacobs
Available now | 8/15/2023
St. Martin’s Press

The biography of Althea Gibson, the street savvy young woman from Harlem who broke the color barrier in tennis with her remarkable skill on the court.

“An essential book about an incomparably authentic American pioneer and the times in which she lived.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Dream Town cover

DREAM TOWN: Shaker Heights and the Quest for Racial Equity by Laura Meckler
Available now | 8/22/2023
Henry Holt and Co.

Nearly every community in America has confronted questions of race, integration, and equity. Few have made a name for themselves like Shaker Heights, Ohio.

“Activist-minded YAs will see themselves in the students Meckler writes about throughout Shaker Heights’ history.” Booklist, starred review


Available now | 8/29/2023
Tor Books

Duels, magic, and plenty of ghosts await in Dunvegan Castle in the third book of the USA Today bestselling Edinburgh Nights series.

Live to see the day cover

LIVE TO SEE THE DAY: Coming of Age in American Poverty by Nikhil Goyal
Available now | 8/29/2023
Metropolitan Books

An indelible portrait of three boys struggling to survive in the poorest neighborhood of the poorest city in America.

Stuff Mom never told you cover

STUFF MOM NEVER TOLD YOU: The Feminist Past, Present, and Future by Anney Reese and Samanth McVey
Available now | 8/29/2023
Flatiron Books

An upbeat, whip-smart, and trenchant walk through major feminist issues, by the hosts of the popular podcast of the same name. The third book of the Stuff You Should Read imprint.

“Teens interested in feminist history will find this engaging, accessible guide illuminating.” Booklist

One blood cover

ONE BLOOD by Denene Millner
Available now | 9/5/2023
St. Martin’s Press

From New York Times bestselling author Denene Millner, comes an emotionally transfixing epic set during pivotal moments in American history about three generations of women.

Roaming cover

ROAMING by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki
Available now | 9/12/2023
Drawn and Quarterly

Spring Break, 2009: Five days, three friends, and one big city.
ROAMING marks a triumphant return to the graphic novel and a deft foray into new adult fiction for Caldecott Medal authors Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki.

Sandymancer cover

SANDYMANCER by David Edison
Available now | 9/19/23
Tor Books

A wild girl with sand magic in her bones and a mad god who is trying to fix the world he broke come together in SANDYMANCER, a genre-warping mashup of weird fantasy and hard science fiction.

Starter villain cover

Available now | 9/19/2023
Tor Books

Following the bestselling THE KAIJU PRESERVATION SOCIETY, John Scalzi returns with another unique sci-fi caper set in the strangest of all worlds, present-day Earth.

Blackward cover

BLACKWARD by Lawrence Lindell
Available now | 9/26/2023
Drawn and Quarterly

Lawrence Lindell’s characters pop from the page in playful Technicolor. From mental health to romance, micro and macro aggressions to joy, our crew tackles everything life throws at them in this heartwarming tale about building a place to belong and the power of community.

“For many readers, this is the Blackest, queerest, and sweetest thing they’ll see since looking in the mirror. A paean to the radical joy of being every part of yourself.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Lindell’s loose, expressionistic drawings burst with energy, humor, and bright colors. His fast-talking, fun-loving protagonists make for good company, and their guileless yearning for connection and community is appealing and poignant. This winning mix of tough and tender will enchant misfits of all stripes.” Publishers Weekly

The Fragile threads of power cover

Available now | 9/26/23
Tor Books

Set in the world of A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC, V. E. Schwab opens a new door into perilous adventure and tangled schemes with THE FRAGILE THREADS OF POWER.

“A delicious treat for fans of the Shades of Magic series and a lush, suspenseful fantasy in its own right.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Take the lead cover

TAKE THE LEAD: Hanging On, Letting Go, and Conquering Life’s Hardest Climbs by Sasha DiGiulian
Available now | 9/26/2023
St. Martin’s Press

World champion climber Sasha DiGiulian shares the power of perseverance and positivity from coming of age on social media, navigating a male-dominated sport, and tackling her most heart-stopping climbs.

“Teens will relate to how DiGiulian struggled to balance the demands of parents, school, friends, and training.” Booklist, starred review

After the Forest cover

Available now | 9/26/2023
Tor Books

AFTER THE FOREST is a dark and enchanting fantasy debut that explores the repercussions of a childhood filled with magic and a young woman contending with the truth of “happily ever after.”

“Woods debut will appeal to teenage fans of dark fantasy romances and reenvisioned fairy tales” Booklist, starred review

Someone Somehere maybe cover

Available now | 9/26/2023
St. Martin’s Griffin

For fans of Rupi Kaur, Cleo Wade, and Amanda Lovelace, Someone Somewhere Maybe speaks to the joys and sorrows of finding your way as a young woman today.

Activate your Greatness cover

Available now | 10/10/2023
Henry Holt and Co.

Alex Toussaint, the rising Peloton star who counts everyone from Roger Federer and the Golden State Warriors to the Today Show’s Carson Daly as fans, hops off the bike and gives readers the inspiration and motivation they need to activate their greatness in every aspect of their lives.

“Give this to all those kids who need a jump start.” Booklist, starred review

Starling House cover

STARLING HOUSE by Alix E. Harrow
Available now | 10/31/2023
Tor Books

A new novel from New York Times Bestselling author Alix Harrow, STARLING HOUSE is a contemporary Kentucky Gothic about a small town haunted by the history it can’t quite seem to bury, and the canny, mean, clever young woman who finds herself drawn to the house that sits at the crossroads of it all.

“Harrow’s mash-up of twisted fairy tales and Southern gothic fiction is a haunting story of longing, lies, and generational curses.” Library Journal, starred review

“Readers will be left chewing on this tale long after the last page, and Starling House will no doubt take its place alongside fiction’s most memorable haunted houses.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

Bookshop and bonedust cover

BOOKSHOPS & BONEDUST by Travis Baldree
Available now | 11/7/2023
Tor Books

When an injury throws a young, battle-hungry orc off her chosen path, she may find that what we need isn’t always what we seek.

“Baldree’s prequel to Legends and Lattes (2022) cements his talent for cozy fantasy, engaging characters, and anachronistic references that would be at home in a Discworld novel.” Booklist, starred review

The worlds i see you cover

THE WORLDS I SEE: Curiosity, Exploration, and Discovery at the Dawn of AI by Fei-Fei Li
Available now | 11/7/23
Flatiron Books

The moving memoir of a girl coming of age as an immigrant in America who finds her calling as a scientist at the forefront of the AI/Machine Learning revolution.

A power unbound cover

A POWER UNBOUND by Freya Marske
Available now | 11/7/2023

A POWER UNBOUND is the final entry in Freya Marske’s beloved, award-winning Last Binding trilogy, the queer historical fantasy series that began with A MARVELLOUS LIGHT.

“A charming, heart-thumping close to a world and characters fans won’t be ready to let go of.” Booklist, starred review

“Marske again demonstrates her talent for balancing romance and fantasy action. This does the series proud.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

The risk it takes to bloom cover

THE RISK IT TAKES TO BLOOM: On Life and Liberation by Raquel Willis
Available now | 11/14/2023
St. Martin’s Press

A passionate, powerful memoir by a trailblazing Black transgender activist, tracing her life of transformation and her work towards collective liberation.

The lost cause cover

THE LOST CAUSE by Cory Doctorow
Available now | 11/14/2023
Tor Books

It’s thirty years from now. We’re making progress, mitigating climate change, slowly but surely. But what about all the angry old people who can’t let go? THE LOST CAUSE asks: What do we do about people who cling to the belief that their own children are the enemy? When, in fact, they’re often the elders that we love?

“Brooks’ coming-of-age and political struggles will appeal to teen readers facing an uncertain future.” Booklist

A true account cover

A TRUE ACCOUNT: Hannah Masury’s Sojourn Amongst the Pyrates, Written by Herself by Katherine Howe
Available now | 11/21/23
Henry Holt and Co.

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Katherine Howe comes a daring first-hand account of one young woman’s unbelievable adventure as one of the most terrifying sea rovers of all time.

“Teenager Hannah’s suspenseful adventures may resonate with YA fans of pirate tales and protagonists who flout convention as they seek a place in the world.” Booklist

Medusa cover

MEDUSA by Jessie Burton
Available now | 12/5/23
Bloomsbury Publishing

From New York Times bestselling author Jessie Burton, an astonishing retelling of the Greek myth of Medusa, illuminating the woman behind the legend.

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