Thriller Thursday (9/15/22)

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for some mysteries/thrillers! We have a girl forced to reexamine her relationships after her mother’s death, a mother-daughter duo investigating a series of missing women, and citizens of a small town going missing during a local yearly tradition. THE INGENUE BY RACHEL KAPELKE-DALE Available for download on Edelweiss here. “Following Kapelke-Dale’s […]

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Thriller Thursday (7/14/22)

A woman’s return to her childhood home where she was raised by her father, a notorius serial killer + a wife accused of murdering her celebrity husband + a near-future military thriller on the front lines of a rebellion in Salt Lake City + two drownings that happen years apart during a high school graduation […]

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Up-All-Night Thrillers (7/27/20)

Today we’re spotlighting thrillers that’ll keep you up all night and make you double lock your doors: a haunting supernatural thriller, a dark and twisty psychological thriller filled with secrets, the beginning of a new action-packed international spy series, a decadent story of those who will do anything for love and money, and four friends […]

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