Author Spotlight: Jonathan Franzen (10/13/21)

Jonathan Franzen is no stranger to bringing a unique and dazzlingly vividness to his characters. His newest novel, and the start to a trilogy, CROSSROADS does just that with the story of a Midwestern family at a pivotal moment of crisis. CROSSROADS 4 starred reviews! “Franzen’s intensely absorbing novel is amusing, excruciating, and at times […]

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Monday Fun Day! (10/22/2012 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (10/22/2012 Edition)

Happy Monday, all!

- Congratulations to Charles Cumming who won the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for his thriller A FOREIGN COUNTRY!  The judges said that A FOREIGN COUNTRY has "a gripping premise, expertly sustained, lots of believable spycraft and memorable supporting characters." Beautifully done, Charles! Read more here.

- Author Jami Attenberg made a posted her list of the most dysfunctional families in literature. Topping the list is The Lambert family from Jonathan Franzen's THE CORRECTIONS. See the rest of Jami's list on

- Kevin Barry, author of CITY OF BOHANE, wrote a short story for The New Yorker called, "Ox Mountain Death Song." Read it here!

- Oh! And here's Talia with some goats:

talia and goats


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