Monday Fun Day! (1/9/2012 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (1/9/2012 Edition)


Aaaand it's Monday, again! Welcome back to the work week, friends.

Grab a coffee and we'll give you a quick briefing on what we're excited about this week.

- Nevada Barr fans will be stoked to go back to the beginning of Anna Pigeon's adventures in THE ROPE, the series prequel coming out this week!

- Janet Evanovich fans are undoubtedly planning on hitting the theater this month to see Katherine Heigl star as Stephanie Plum in the film adaptation of ONE FOR THE MONEY. Be prepared for renewed interest in the series with the movie tie-in edition! And watch the trailer here.

- Dune fans will undoubtedly stop by the sci-fi shelves looking for the next installment, SISTERHOOD OF DUNE. Listen to an audio excerpt on

- We also wanted to share this lovely sunset taken from the flatiron office with you, care of @MinotaurBooks:

flatiron sunset


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