Free Fall Reads from Picador!

Free Fall Reads from Picador!

Our friends at Picador have put together a FREE book club sampler of their Fall 2014 titles just for you! Enjoy excerpts from Alice McDermott (SOMEONE) Anita Diamant (THE RED TENT) Toby Barlow (BABAYAGA) Amy Grace Loyd (THE AFFAIRS OF OTHERS) Nicola Griffith (HILD) Lisa Gornick (TINDERBOX) Mary Kay Zurevleff (MAN ALIVE!) Ronald Frame (HAVISHAM) […]

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Maximum Shelf: Man Alive!

Maximum Shelf: Man Alive!

Today's Maximum Shelf features Orange Prize (now Women's Prize for Fiction) nominee Mary Kay Zuravleff's MAN ALIVE!, an electrifying novel about a family dealing with a strange disaster. 

"It is rare enough to find a novel that combines a compelling story with beautiful writing, but even more unlikely to discover a novelist who can present these elements in as unique a way as Mary Kay Zuravleff has in MAN ALIVE! [...] The subtlety and intimacy with which Zuravleff portrays the Lerners would be enough to make MAN ALIVE! a compelling novel but her understanding of and ability to convey the slippery nature of reality and, by extension, what is 'normal' lifts it to another level. This is a wonderful and, in many ways, magical novel by a gifted author." —Shelf AwarenessVik Man Alive!

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"Mary Kay Zuravleff writes so well—with such wit and compassion and wry intelligence—that she can make the daily, domestic life that follows Owen Lerner’s encounter with the transcendent as electrifying as the lightning strike itself." —National Book Award-winner Alice McDermott