PW Best Books of 2021

Announcing the Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2021! Top 10 SECOND PLACE by Rachel CuskDIRTY WORK: Essential Jobs and the Hidden Toll of Inequality in America by Eyal PressSOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER: A Memoir by Ashley C. Ford Fiction CROSSROADS by Jonathan FranzenDEAR MISS METROPOLITAN by Carolyn FerrellOUTLAWED by Anna North Mystery/Thriller THE PHOTOGRAPHER by Mary Dixie […]

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PW Fall 2021 Announcements

Publishers Weekly released their Fall 2021 Announcements! Here are the Macmillan titles that should be on your radar: Art, Architecture & Photography CREATION: Art from the Beginning by John-Paul StonardTHE LOFT GENERATION: From the de Koonings to Twombly: Portraits and Sketches, 1942–2011 by Edith Schloss Audio BEAUTIFUL WORLD, WHERE ARE YOU by Sally Rooney, read […]

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Booklist Read ‘n Rave 2021

The librarians in Booklist‘s Read ‘n Rave event today talked about so many books! Check out the Macmillan titles they’re looking forward to below (and you can see the full list here + watch the replay here). THE BALLERINAS by Rachel Kapelke-Dale | 9781250274236 | 12/7/21CHASING ME TO MY GRAVE: An Artist’s Memoir of the […]

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