Stars for Or the Bull Kills You

Stars for Or the Bull Kills You


Jason Webster's accomplished debut mystery is set in the high-stakes and decidedly murky world of bullfighting in Valencia, Spain and it's getting great reviews! First, a quick look at what you're getting into: 

"Either you kill the bull, or the bull kills you."

Chief Inspector Max Cámara thinks in proverbs, and he hates one thing above all: bullfighting. One hot afternoon in Valencia, however, he has to stand in for his boss, judging a festival corrida starring Spain’s most famous young matador. That night, he is back in the bullring, and what he finds on the blood-stained sand rattles the city of Valencia to its core.

Cámara is roped into investigating a grisly murder while dealing with violent shadows from his own past, as well as confronting the suspiciousness of the bullfighting community and the stonewalling of local politicians in full electoral campaign.

Library Journal gave OR THE BULL KILLS YOU a starred review and named it Debut of the Month saying, "With its rapid pace and wonderfully flawed detective, this vibrant novel has tremendous appeal. Conor Fitzgerald would be a good read-alike; it also would appeal to new fans of Zen (Michael Dibdin’s Italian cop) thanks to the recent PBS Masterpiece Mystery! miniseries starring Rufus Sewell."

Publishers Weekly also gave it a starred review saying, "Webster makes the bullfighting integral to the plot rather than a mere backdrop, effortlessly conveying the role of the sport in Spanish society. The well-rounded leadcynical, willing to bend the rules, emotionally woundedshould be more than capable of sustaining a long series."