Sci-Fi E-Book Sale

Sci-Fi E-Book Sale

Don’t just get out of town this summer, get out of this world with our sci-fi e-Book sale for libraries! Running now through August 1, more than 20 e-Books will be discounted 30% off (with our regular lending terms), including these acclaimed & award-winning titles: AMONG OTHERS by Jo Walton BONESHAKER by Cherie Priest A […]

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Monday Fun Day! (1/14/2013 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (1/14/2013 Edition)

Happy Monday, Librarians!

- We're proud to see some fantastic books published and distributed by Macmillan on the list of finalists for the National Book Critics’ Circle Awards!

In the category of Fiction: 

HHhH by Laurent Binet (FSG)

In the category of Biography: 

ALL WE KNOW by Lisa Cohen (FSG)

In the category of Autobiography: 

MY POETS by Maureen N. McLane (FSG)

In the category of Criticism: 


THE GREY ALBUM: On the Blackness of Blackness by Kevin Young (Graywolf Press)

In the category of Poetry:


- We also saw some great reads on Nancy Pearl's list of Sure Bets for Your Book Group in her most recent Check it Out column for Publishers Weekly. We're especially excited about AMONG OTHERS by Jo Walton and FIELDWORK by Mischa Berlinski. See all of her picks here

- Don't forget to get whitelisted so you can download all of Macmillan's e-galleys from Edelweiss! Instructions here.

- And check out the chapter sampler that St. Martin's Press created of their Spring 2013 debuts just for you. Download it now



Tuesday Fun Day! (9/4/2012 Edition)

Tuesday Fun Day! (9/4/2012 Edition)

Happy Tuesday, librarian cats! I hope your long weekend involved many adventures and much napping in the sun!

We have some winners to congratulate this week, so let's get on with the applause:

The big news from the weekend is that AMONG OTHERS by Jo Walton (a title that I just won't shut up about) won the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Novel! Huzzah! Earlier this year it won the 2011 Nebula Award for Best Novel.

See the full list of Hugo Award-winners here

And now on to our recent contest winners:

The winner of the final Grammar Girl signed-books giveaway is: 

Betty H. Lee
Adult and Young Adult Librarian
Rockville Memorial Library

The winner of the A MEMORY OF LIGHT stuffed backpack giveaway celebrating our new SF/F blog, Uncharted Pages, is:

Brianna Glenn
Library Director 
De Soto Public Library 

Congratulations, Betty and Brianna! Your prizes are in the mail.

And finally, the winner for Best App Ever according to us: CatWang!! Major thanks to Peter from Academic for the recommendation. Here's CatTalia holding a balloon in her office and CatAli holding AMONG OTHERS while wearing wings:

CatWang Collage



Monday Fun Day! (8/13/2012 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (8/13/2012 Edition)

Happy Monday!

- We're very excited to see some really excellent fiction published by Tor on the official ballot for the 2012 World Fantasy Awards! Jo Walton's AMONG OTHERS is up for Best Novel and two wonderful anothologies BLOOD AND OTHER CRAVINGS edited by Ellen Datlow and THE WEIRD edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer (which kept me company one dark and lonely workday) are both up for Best Anthology! 

- Lydia Netzer's debut novel, SHINE SHINE SHINE, is a New York Times Editors' Choice

- And for all you librarians out there moonlighting as writers, the 2013 Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Competition is now open. Last year's winning novel, A SIMPLE MURDER, was written by a librarian! Let's make it two years in a row!

- Also: 



Monday Fun Day! (6/11/2012 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (6/11/2012 Edition)

We're giving you a totally exclusive, never before seen, behind the scenes look into our twitter feed this week (you lucky librarians, you!). So much good stuff is going on, so instead of paraphrasing, we're serving it all up fresh straight from the tweeters' mouths. Enjoy!

We'll start with some tweets about the 4th Annual Librarian Shout 'n Share:





And here are some people we really like tweeting about books we really like:










And here are a few things to read on your lunch break:





And, of course:





Monday Fun Day! (5/21/2012 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (5/21/2012 Edition)

Now wait just a minute... it's Monday? Again?! For some reason I thought we were all out of Mondays... Guess not!

ali among others- AMONG OTHERS won the Nebula Award for Best Novel!! If you've been ignoring my unreasonably incessant affection (see right) for this title, now's the time to give in and just read it already!

- Talia's slides for the Boston Book Buzz are available to view now (link to Adult deck) (link to Teen deck), so if you're not going to make it to the event, you can still take a look at the lineup. And, more importantly, if you are going to make it to the event, you can fool your co-workers into thinking you're psychic by "guessing" all of the books before she reveals them.

- ATTN: Teen Librarians! Did you see that we're running not one, but TWO(!) delightful signed-series contests? One of them includes the necklace from the Midnight Dragonfly covers! Enter now!

- We have an event plug for ALA Annual... please don't miss The Great Non-Fiction Read-Alike: If You Like This, You’ll LOVE That!.

All-star panelists Alene Moroni (Manager, Selection & Order, King County), Anna Mickelsen (Reference Librarian, Springfield City), Kaite Stover (Manager, Readers’ Services, Kansas City),  Robin Nesbitt (Technical Services Director, Columbus Metropolitan), and Stephanie Chase (Head, Reference, Adult Services, & Programming, Multnomah County) will cover major trends in popular non-fiction and recommend upcoming titles with pre-publication buzz as well as titles from your backlist will satisfy your patrons while the best-selling titles are on hold. Add it to your conference schedule now

- THE SEVEN PEARLS OF FINANCIAL WISDOM received a great review from The Wall Street Journal. 

They note that for most financial self-help books "the target reader is a man who has a job, is happily married and has 2½ kids. Some books target specific needs, such as caring and providing for an elderly relative, but they still make certain assumptions. A pioneering new book titled THE SEVEN PEARLS OF FINANCIAL WISDOM aims to fill the gap. Written by Forbes columnist Camilla Webster and financial planner Carol Pepper, the book is aimed at women. [...]

"What really sets 'The Seven Pearls' apart are the assumptions it makes about readers. If you know, love or support an alcoholic in your life, have an aging parent suffering from Alzheimer's disease, are worried about having children and considering or paying for expensive fertilization procedures, hate your job, are dependent on another income earner, or are responsible for someone who is sick, then this the book is for you."

- And finally...



Library Journal’s Spring Adult Book Buzz!

Library Journal’s Spring Adult Book Buzz!

This afternoon during Library Journal's Spring Adult Book Buzz (3pm Eastern, #ljadultbuzz), I'll be discussing all of the super fabulous upcoming titles listed below!

Join me, Virginia from HarperCollins, Kelly and Erica from Random House, Elenita from Perseus, and moderator Barbara Hoffert from Library Journal for an hour-long book buzz webinar party today! Register now

A LADY CYCLIST'S GUIDE TO KASHGAR | Suzanna Joinson | 978-1-60819-811-5

SHINE SHINE SHINE | Lydia Netzer | 978-1-250-00707-0

BENEATH THE SHADOWS | Sara Foster | 978-0-312-64336-2

THE LAND OF DECORATION | Grace McCleen | 978-0-8050-9494-7

A SIMPLE MURDER | Eleanor Kuhns | 978-1-250-00553-3

DEAD SCARED | S. J. Bolton | 978-0-312-60053-2

KILL YOU TWICE | Chelsea Cain | 978-0-312-61978-7

THE OTHER WOMAN | Hank Phillippi Ryan | 978-0-7653-3257-8

BRING UP THE BODIES | Hilary Mantel | 978-0-8050-9003-1

WHERE WE BELONG | Emily Giffin | 978-0-312-55419-4

MEMOIRS OF AN IMAGINARY FRIEND | Matthew Dicks | 978-1-250-00621-9

THIS IS NOT A TEST | Courtney Summers | 978-0-312-65674-4

REDSHIRTS | John Scalzi | 978-0-7653-1699-8

GLAMOUR IN GLASS | Mary Robinette Kowal | 978-0-7653-2557-0

THE WITCH'S DAUGHTER | Paula Brackston | 978-0-312-62168-1

AMONG OTHERS | Jo Walton | 978-0-7653-2153-4

CHINESE WHISKERS | Pallavi Aiyar | 978-1-250-01448-1

PAW PRINTS IN THE MOONLIGHT | Denis O'Connor | 978-0-312-66829-7



Monday Fun Day! (4/9/2012 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (4/9/2012 Edition)

Welcome to National Library Week 2012 (#nlw12)! This calls for cupcakes, confetti, and, say, a trip to the library!

- Tomorrow is Library Journal's Spring Adult Book Buzz (#ljadultbuzz). It's also my first webinar as a presenter, so I'm nervous and need your support. Sign up now!

- AMONG OTHERS, Jo Walton's magical semi-memoir and one of my 2011 Book Club Picks with a Touch of Magic, is a finalist for the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Novel! And yes, it is also a finalist for the Nebula Award for Best Novel! Are you convinced, yet?!

See all of the 2012 Hugo Award finalists on

- One of our favorite librarian book bloggers, the lovely Lesa Holstine, spent a very full, magical day with our favorite international men of mystery (writing), Brad Parks!

"Brad told us libraries meant a lot to him as a kid. He wasn't the best student, but he always had a library card." 

Read all about Lesa's adventures with Brad on her blog.

Brad and Lesa



Book Club Picks with a Touch of Magic

Book Club Picks with a Touch of Magic

I'm going to do things a little bit differently today. Normally we're all, "Frontlist! Frontlist! Frontlist!" up in here, but I want to make sure that you hear about two of my favorite gems from last year straight from the horse’s mouth (me being the horse, in this case). Paula Brackston’s enchanting debut, THE WITCH’S DAUGHTER, and Jo Walton’s magical semi-memoir, AMONG OTHERS, are both captivating character-driven historicals that celebrate outcast women with a knack for magic.

I read both of these books late in the marketing game (they’re both already out in paperback!), but I’m so glad I did.


From 17th century Wessex to Victorian London to the battlefields of World War I, immortal witch Bess Hawksmith attempts to redeem her soul by saving lives all the while pursued by the evil sorcerer who transformed her from mortal to witch.

Booklist said, “Brackston’s first novel offers well-crafted characters in an absorbing plot and an altogether delicious blend of historical fiction and fantasy.”

And we’ve made it oh-so-easy on book clubs! There’s an excellent reading guide in the paperback version including an interview, an essay, recommended reading, and discussion questions! See the Reading Group Gold guide here.

Read an excerpt from the beginning here on!


This book is at once the story of a young boarding school student struggling to escape a troubled childhood, her journey of first encounters with great novels, and the tale of conquering an ancient enchantment.

nebulasYou know this one’s going to be good because it was just nominated for the 2011 Nebula Award for Best Novel! Nebulas not your thing? Well, in a starred review Publishers Weekly said, “World Fantasy Award–winner Walton turns the magical boarding school story inside out in this compelling coming-of-age tale.” Still not convinced? What if I told you that Nancy Pearl said it’s a gem? Now, we’re talking!



Fat Tuesday Fun Day! (2/21/2012 Edition)

Fat Tuesday Fun Day! (2/21/2012 Edition)

talia and ali mardi gras

Happy Fat Tuesday, librarians!

We wish you many pancakes and much mischief on this day.

- If you're Philadelphia-bound next month for the Public Library Association Conference (PLA), we posted our full schedule of events under Conference Info. RSVP to the author events now!

md logo

- Malice Domestic has announced the 2011 Agatha Award nominees and there are some excellent titles that made their list. Take a look!

n logo- The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have also announced a list of nominees, in their case for the 2011 Nebula Awards! I am particularly excited to see Jo Walton's AMONG OTHERS nominated for Best Novel. See the full list here!

- Finally, there's still time to enter our creative contest for THE LOVER'S DICTIONARY here on the blog! Enter here.