Teen Talk Tuesday (8/19/14 Edition)

Early Word YA Galley Chat is today, so that means it’s Teen Talk Tuesday!
Check out the newest YA books from St. Martin’s Griffin this month, then join us and @earlyword at 5pm EST for the chat, hashtag #ewyagc.

DEADLY LITTLE SINS by Kara Taylor (Prep School Confidential #3)
In the conclusion to the Prep School Confidential trilogy, Anne investigates the disappearance of her favorite teacher and only adult ally at Wheatley, Mrs. Cross. As if that weren’t enough, she’s juggling the attention of Brent and Anthony, and unwanted attention from someone who wants to stop her from finding Mrs. Cross.
Also available in the series:

HOW TO FALL by Jane Casey (Jess Tennant Mysteries #1)
Beloved crime writer Jane Casey breaks new ground with this cleverly plotted, remarkably written young adult mystery starring sixteen-year-old Jess Tennant. In this first installment of a new series, Jess searches for the truth behind the death of a cousin she never met in real life. “Snappy dialogue and Jess’ tenacity make this a page-turner, and readers will thrill to notice some very obvious loose ends that lead into her forthcoming second outing. High-quality mystery writing for young readers.” — Booklist


Teen Talk Tuesday (3/18/14 Edition)

Early Word YA Galley Chat is upon us! Take a look at the latest and greatest teen titles from St. Martin's Griffin this month, then join us and @earlyword later today at 5pm EST, hashtag #ewyagc.

WICKED LITTLE SECRETS by Kara Taylor (Prep School Confidential #2)
Anne Dowling becomes entangled in a web of secrets involving a missing student and a conspiracy at Wheatley Prep in this fast-paced, juicy follow-up to PREP SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL.

REMNANTS OF TOMORROW by Kassy Tayler (Ashes of Twilight #3)
In this "satisfying conclusion to the Ashes of Twilight trilogy" (Booklist), Wren and her friends from inside the dome must stop an all-out war between the factions by making them understand that the only way to survive is to work together.

“Music buffs will relate to Sing’s passion and insecurities, and readers who enjoy a good melodrama will be captivated.” — Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books

“Rule’s promising writing still hits the right note. There’s an opening for a second book, and it has the potential to be as sweet and strange as the first.” — Booklist

STELLA by Helen Eve
This "Gossip Girl"-style private school drama unfolds through alternating points of view between popular girl Stella and the newcomer Caitlin, who is quickly drafted to the inner circle. "Eve’s substantive new twist on this well-trod contemporary theme works—and fans of the subgenre will adore it." — Booklist

HIDDEN by P.C. + Kristin Cast (House of Night #10, Trade Paperback edition)
Neferet’s evil has been exposed, and the High Council is no longer on her side—so why is she far from done wreaking havoc in the vampyre world? Now available for the first time in trade paperback.

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