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Monday Fun Day! (3/4/2013 Edition)

Welcome to a brand new week, everybody.

- We're excited to announce that we added the Class of 2013 teen titles post to the Books for Teens section! You are officially encouraged to go take a look at our featured titles coming from St. Martin's Griffin this year.

- And speaking of encouragement, we highly recommend that you register for Library Journal's "Editors' Picks: Hot Summer Titles from HarperCollins, Macmillan, and Random House" webcast! Two of our amazing editors will be talking about forthcoming Macmillan titles. Details and registration link here.

- Read about Nancy Richler's THE IMPOSTER BRIDE (one of Talia's recent #FridayReads) and her experiences writing about a character who is forced to exchange her identity for someone else's. Article here.

- A number of librarian and in-house darlings including MR. PENUMBRA'S 24-HOUR BOOKSTORE, REVENGE, and THE HOUR OF PERIL have been recommended on Baltimore County Public Library's blog, Between the Covers!

- Tor Books is now on Pinterest! Live long and pin.

- And finally, the battle you've all been waiting for... PUPPY VS. CRAB ROBOT!



Monday Fun Day! (10/8/2012 Edition)

It's Monday, people! Wake up and read the following...

- Read/admire Gene's comic review of JERUSALEM: Chronicles from the Holy City by Guy Delisle on

- Read The New Yorker's profile on Hilary Mantel, "The Dead are Real."

- Read the following quote from Susan Sontag that Picador recently featured on their tumblr

Harriet said something very striking yesterday, apropos of Sam W.’s enormous library, that collecting books in that way was “like marrying someone in order to sleep with him.”


Use libraries!!


puppy in bowl


Crack the Champagne!

Happy Valentine's Day, lovers!

Emily from Academic Marketing FINALLY put out some Nestle Valentine's Day Butterfinger Hearts and now I feel fully prepared to sincerely wish you the best of Valentine's Days!

Whether you're celebrating with your friends, family, significant others, or your favorite dog, Netflix, and a cake for one, we want it to be the best.

Today is the perfect day to enter THE LOVER'S DICTIONARY creative definition contest since your brain is already all mushy with caramel and pink champagne (what do you mean it's only 1 o'clock?!). Snark, sap, and sass are all welcome.