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Stars for PRO

Our #FridayReads pick is Katha Pollitt’s highly acclaimed PRO: Reclaiming Abortion Rights.

In PRO, Politt reframes abortion as a common part of a woman’s reproductive life, one that should be accepted as a moral right with positive social implications. In clear, concise arguments, Pollitt takes on the “personhood” argument, reaffirms the priority of a woman’s life and health, and discusses why terminating a pregnancy can be a force for social good.

Naturally, PRO is stirring up discussion—and getting tremendous praise! It’s one of Flavorwire’s Fall 25 Must-Reads, one of Publishers Weekly‘s Top 10 Social Science Books of Fall, is on Lena Dunham’s bookshelf, and has received two starred reviews:

“An impassioned, persuasive case for understanding [abortion] in its proper context… With wit and logic, Pollitt debunks the many myths surrounding abortion, and analyzes what abortion opponents really oppose: namely, women’s growing sexual freedom and power…. With arguments that are both lucid and sensible, Pollitt successfully reframes the abortion debate to show that, ‘in the end, abortion is an issue of fundamental human rights.’” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“In this powerful pro-choice treatise, Pollitt, the well-known feminist, poet, and award-winning columnist for the Nation, expertly lays out why she supports a woman’s right to decide whether to end a pregnancy.” Booklist, starred review



Before Lena Dunham and Girls, Emily Books founder and blogger Emily Gould was the one talking about young women trying to find their bearings in life.

Now, Gould’s debut novel, FRIENDSHIP, about two girlfriends dragged, kicking and screaming into real adulthood is getting major media attention and landing on Summer Reading Lists from Glamour to the New York Post to the Boston Globe to Huffington Post and more.

Both Elle Magazine and the New York Times ran profiles of Emily Gould—the latter as the front page feature in the Sunday Styles section.

A New York Times Book Review coming this weekend (July 20) joins the glowing praise already in for FRIENDSHIP:

Fans of Lena Dunham’s Girls should appreciate this funny first novel about two tech-savvy 30ish pals navigating work and what passes for love in modern-day New York City.” — People Magazine (July 14 issue)

“Bev and Amy are totally frustrating—they’re like Hannah and Marnie from Girls with a few more years of resentment between them. But the specificity of their struggles (peanut butter soup for dinner, anyone?) and Gould’s hyperaware voice lend the story of their friendship poignance and shades of relatability. A-” — Entertainment Weekly (July 1 issue)

“Whereas the blogs tended to create a self-portrait of the author as human word processor (automatically slicing, dicing and churning experience into prose), FRIENDSHIP isn’t the simple spewing (or venting or whining or knee-jerk reacting) of an obsessive oversharer. Rather, at its best, it points to Ms. Gould’s abilities as a keen-eyed noticer and her knack for nailing down her ravenous observations with energy and flair.” — Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times (June 30)


Monday Fun Day! (8/19/2013 Edition)

Happy Monday, library buds! We're passing on some excellent reading recommendations to you and your patrons from some very wise sources.

- Publishers Weekly said that this week you should be reading SUITABLE ACCOMMODATIONS: An Autobiographical Story of Family Life: The Letters of J.F. Powers, 1942-1963 edited by Katherine A. Powers. "These vibrant letters, collected and edited by his daughter, Katherine, reveal a restless, promising writer and family man with a wry sense of humor and a hunger for literary camaraderie." See what else you should be reading this week

- NPR recently reviewed THE BONE SEASON which they said was always difficult to do for a book with lots of the pre-pub hype. "So how is THE BONE SEASON? It's terrific—intelligent, inventive, dark, and engrossing enough to keep me up late to finish." Read more here

- Lena Dunham wants YOU to read THE LOVE AFFAIRS OF NATHANIEL P.:

- The New York Public Library tumbled an amazing video of librarians upholding library law to the tune of Beastie Boys' "Sabotage!" 

video image

- And don't forget we're running two sweepstakes right now! One for our LibraryReads September selections and one for ALL OUR PRETTY SONGS. readmoreremove