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Happy #PubDay!

Historical fiction set in Paris and a standalone historical epic: I hope you’re excited for our gift to you for today’s #PubDay!  

PARIS ECHO by Sebastian Faulks

“A fun romp through Paris and history, one that nevertheless makes us understand that the sins of the past are not truly past.”Kirkus

“Faulks offers a subtle but affecting portrait of friendship while exploring the immense difficulty of making sense of the larger world”Booklist

“Faulks shines new light on the experience of women during France’s darker past… An atmospheric, engrossing novel by a seasoned storyteller.”Library Journal

HEADS YOU WIN by Jeffrey Archer

“Typical for an Archer novel, the writing and characterizations are superb, and the book features several plot twists that send the story lines off in surprising new directions. There are a couple of moments, late in the novel, that should make readers’ jaws drop—moments so unexpected and surreal that they require a second reading, just to make sure we really just read what we think we did. A splendid novel, featuring one of Archer’s most elegantly told stories.”Booklist, starred review

Thriller Thursday (2/6/14 Edition)

Happy #ThrillerThursday to these great new mysteries celebrating a #BookBday this week:
DOING HARM by Kelly Parsons
“As a medical thriller, this skillfully wrought debut gets high marks for building tension to a breathtaking climax." – Library Journal, starred review. Even TV star Joel McHale ("The Soup," "Community") loves it! 

by Michael Kurland
"This latest in Kurland’s novels about the notorious Professor Moriarty—Sherlock Holmes’ most clever adversary—makes for fun reading. Calling Moriarty the hero of these books might stretch the meaning of 'hero' a bit too far—he’s still the evil man we’ve always known him to be—but he’s a fine sleuth and sure makes for a compelling protagonist. Splendid stuff." – Booklist 
"This cozy historical is perfect for World War II buffs interested in the home front scene." – Library Journal
"Ballard infuses emotion and empathy into a very intelligent, believable mystery. Fans of Rhys Bowen may also appreciate this appealing and engagingly written series." – Booklist  

Catriona McPherson Wins a Macavity Award!

DANDY GILVER AND THE PROPER TREATMENT OF BLOODSTAINS—a book with an awesome title, a delightful cover, and a great upstairs-meets-downstairs plot that's just to die for—took home the Sue Feder Memorial Historical Mystery Macavity Award from Bouchercon last weekend! 

This is the first novel in a historical series (obviously!) that takes place in Edinburgh in the 1920s. Dandy Gilver is a wealthy and witty aristocrat and sometimes amateur sleuth who goes undercover as a lady maid to investigate the threatening reappearance of her friend's ex-husband.

Congratulations, Catriona! See all of the Macavity Award winners here.


Double Debut: Both Starred!

Do your patrons have a craving for historical mysteries? Great, because two fantastic debuts are heading their way.

The Holy Thief: In Soviet Russia, an investigator must scramble to find the murderer of an American girl. One wrong step means exile in Siberia.

"Ryan re-creates the toxic, terrorized atmosphere by plunging Korolev into a
ghastly web where nothing is what it seems" --Library Journal (starred review)

The Sleepwalkers: When a Jewish detective must investigate a string of heinous crimes during the dawn of Nazi Germany, the hunter becomes the hunted.

powerfully captures the atmosphere of Berlin on the verge of Nazi takeover, the
elegance and cultural brilliance amid the decadence, and the sense of impending
doom." --Library Journal (starred review)

Wolf Hall Wins National Book Critics Circle Award!

Congratulations to Hilary Mantel and her novel Wolf Hall, which just won the National Book Critics Circle award for fiction! Last year the book won the Man Booker prize, and I got it for my dad for Christmas! I'm not sure which is the more prestigious accolade.