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Friday Reads: Back to School!

New backpacks and the sweet smell of pencil shavings…yep, it’s back to school time! Here are two new books to help navigate the season, plus an eBook sale for Libraries!

SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP: How Discipline Can Set Students Free by Cinque Henderson
“A film and TV writer (e.g., HBO’s The Newsroom) and a journalist whose work has appeared in The New Yorker, the Washington Post, and more, Henderson believed that failure in the classroom resulted from unmotivated, inattentive, simply bad teaching. But when he began substitute teaching, he quickly came to believe that the problem was rampantly unchecked student behavior, which he sees as resulting from society itself. Beyond analysis, here are prescriptions, including discussion of legal infrastructure, to improve the situation. Not surprisingly, there’s a big push not just to educators but to libraries.” — Library Journal, pre-pub alert readmoreremove