Monday Fun Day! (7/02/2012 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (7/02/2012 Edition)

Happy Monday, library buddies! 

- Today is the last day to enter to win a signed ARC of MR. PENUMBRA'S 24-HOUR BOOKSTORE! Enter here.

- Sign up now for the Booklist webinar version of Book Battle II: This Time It’s Personal

If you missed those legendary book brawlers, Cutie and Tiger (a.k.a. Chris Vaccari from Sterling Publishing and Talia Sherer from Macmillan), mixing it up at recent ALA conferences, now’s your chance to get a ringside seat—right in front of your own computer! The book battle is going virtual. Some critics charge that Cutie and Tiger have been a bit too nice to one another in their earlier exchanges. No matter. This time they assure us the gloves are coming off. When they climb out of the ring at the end of the hour, they will have left nothing behind—except, of course, for dozens of terrific new-book recommendations. Don’t miss this hour-long, free Booklist webinar moderator by Adult Books editor Brad Hooper. Register here.

- As promised, here's a link to the full read-alike list for The Great Nonfiction Read-Alike Panel from ALA Annual hosted on

As always, Shelf Awareness brought us the good word on some exciting topics this morning:

- HBO will be adapting Tom Perrotta's post-maybe-rapture novel, THE LEFTOVERS! Perrotta and Damon Lindelof (Lost) will co-write the adaptation. More details here.

- They also linked to a very important BuzzFeed list: 12 Cuddly Bookstore Kitties. We highly recommend you take a minute to get to know these literary felines living the dream.

And finally here are two highlights from the Macmillan evening trip to Disneyland during ALA Annual...

Here we are enjoying a little In-N-Out burger before the rides:

in n out burg

And here we are mid-death-drop on Space Mountain:

space mt