Welcome to the Future!

Welcome to the Future!

FireworksIt's 2012, librarian friends! Can you believe it?

We're incredibly excited to embark on another year of reading with you. 

I had a blast reliving the highlights of 2011, a great year in books, via the #libfavs2011 hashtag on Twitter. You should definitely take a peek at what other librarians tweeted about and add your own favorites to the conversation.

If your resolution this year is to build a better relationship with publishers or keep on top of the newest releases, then we would LOVE to hear from you via email (library-at-macmillanusa.com), in the comments here on the blog, on Twitter, or at conferences!

Our resolution is to reach more librarians than ever, so make it easy on us by kicking off the conversation, will ya? 

Thanks again for a great 2011!


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