Our #FridayReads!

Our #FridayReads!

friday reading

Talia's Reading: 

THE FIRE WITNESS by Lars Kepler (July, 2013)

You may remember Lars Kepler, the pseudonymous Swedish couple who charmed us all at the Mystery Authors Revealed Panel at PLA this year. Well, they're back with their third thriller after THE HYPNOTIST and THE NIGHTMARE!

Ali's Almost Done With:


I'm having way too much fun reading this book. These dragons are wild, fierce, and scary (read: they would make atrocious house pets). Also, there are mysterious goings-on involving smugglers and petrified dragon bones that I'm itching to get to the bottom of!

Expect to hear more about this one in the next Uncharted Pages...

Ali's About to Start:

WE KILLED: THE RISE OF WOMEN IN AMERICAN COMEDY by Yael Kohen, contributing editor at Marie Claire (October, 2012)

There are fifty years of stories about iconic comediennes in this book. I can't wait!



More UNSHELVED Readers?! Yes, Please!

More UNSHELVED Readers?! Yes, Please!

Well, well, well. If it isn't another Unshelved reader... Duck!

I just threw a handful of confetti and glitter and ducks at the screen. You're so welc—Uh oh, did I get some in your eye? No wait, you're just tearing up because you've never felt SO welcome at a blog before! We totally understand. 

Whether you're new to this blog, a long time reader, or you clicked on Talia's nose to get here yesterday and wanted to click on my nose today, we're glad you're here! (And if you don't know what I'm going on about, check out the banner ad/masterpiece running over the Unshelved comics this week.)

Like yesterday, we encourage you to browse through our recent posts, take a peek at our digital catalogs, and sign up for our Booklist webinar.

But wait there's more! We have yet another giveaway! And this time it's just the type of bloody thriller that you can't get Talia to stop reading...

unselved you can't

We have a small stack of hardcover copies of THE NIGHTMARE by the absurdly charming pseudonymous Swedish writing couple, Lars Kepler!

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended!

Want one? Introduce yourself in an e-mail (to: Library-at-MacmillanUSA.com) that includes your name, the library you work for, and the full mailing address where you would like to receive the book. 

Best, (No, you're the best!)
Talia & Ali 


Monday Fun Day! (6/18/2012 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (6/18/2012 Edition)

It's a Monday morning Macmillan party and you're invited, my friend!

- Can you believe it? ALA Annual is almost here! Add our events to your schedule now: The Great Non-Fiction Read-Alike! Book Battle II: The Sequel! Author signings! Glitter stars! Tea!

- The Locus Award winners were announced this weekend and we're delighted to see that Ellen Datlow was awarded Best Editor and Tor was awarded Best Publisher—woohoo! See all of the 2012 Locus Award winners here.

- The LA Times published their extensive 2012 Summer Reading Guide including some excellent picks from Macmillan including:

Beach Reads:

A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar by Suzanne Joinson 
Monarch Beach by Anita Hughes 
The Nightmare by Lars Kepler
The Sins of the Father by Jeffrey Archer 

History and Biography Reads:

Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel
Our Divided Political Heart by E.J. Dionne Jr.
A Good Man by Mark K. Shriver
James Joyce by Gordon Bowker

Young Adult & Children:

This Is Not a Test by Courtney Summers


Bring It! by Tony Horton
The Gift of Pets by Bruce R. Coston
Meander by Jeremy Seal
What a Plant Knows by Daniel Chamovitz


The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

- For those of you curious about the inner workings of Macmillan, you may be interested in reading "Reorganization at Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck."

- And finally, can somebody get this pup a sandwich already?!

opens in a new windowseal pup chewing wood



Macmillan Library @ PLA 2012 (booth #1540)

Macmillan Library @ PLA 2012 (booth #1540)

opens in a new windowPLA A-OK

If you're Philadelphia-bound next month for the Public Library Association Conference, we have some excellent events for you. So whip out those agendas; here's the lineup:

Book Buzz with Nancy Pearl!

WEDNESDAY March 14th, 10:30AM - 12PM, TBA

Librarian of the Year Nancy Pearl, our lovely Talia, and several other publishing reps will be kicking off the conference with a discussion about some of the best upcoming books for adults. Get the inside scoop from an all-star team of panelists as they discuss which titles you'll want to keep your eye on.

See PLA's event description here. And take a sneak peek at Talia's presentation here!

Author Signings in the Macmillan Booth

WEDNESDAY March 14th, 4PM - 6:30PM, booth #1540

Kathleen George (SIMPLE), Lou Manfredo (RIZZO'S DAUGHTER), and Solomon Jones (THE GRAVEDIGGER'S BALL) will all be signing copies of their latest releases in our booth the moment the show floor opens!

The Best in Debut Authors Panel! (RSVP REQUIRED)

THURSDAY March 15th, 10:45AM - 12PM, Philadelphia Convention Center room 120 ABC

Meet Kira Peikoff (LIVING PROOF) and other exceptional debut authors during the AAP/Library Journal "The Best in 2012 Debuts!" author panel. 

*Don't forget to pick up your complimentary signed copy of LIVING PROOF!

See the full panel details and request an invitation here.

Authors Signing in the Macmillan Booth

THURSDAY March 15th, 2:30PM, booth #1540

Jane Cleland will be signing copies of her latest mystery, DOLLED UP FOR MURDER, and Hank Phillippi Ryan will be signing chapter excerpts from her latest crime novel, THE OTHER WOMAN. Come say hi!

Booklist's In-Booth Mystery Soiree

THURSDAY March 15th, 3:30PM - 5PM, Booklist's booth

Macmillan Mystery authors Lars Kepler (THE NIGHTMARE), Hank Phillippi Ryan (THE OTHER WOMAN), Kira Peikoff (LIVING PROOF), Kathleen George (SIMPLE), Lou Manfredo (RIZZO'S DAUGHTER), Solomon Jones (THE GRAVEDIGGER'S BALL), and Jane Cleland (DOLLED UP FOR MURDER) will be chillin' out in the Booklist booth to chat with other authors and attendees. Join them!

Mystery Authors Revealed Panel!  (RSVP REQUIRED)

FRIDAY March 16th, 10:45AM - 12PM, Philadelphia Convention Center room 121 ABC 

Meet Lars Kepler, pseudonymous co-authors of THE NIGHTMARE, and other bestselling Mystery writers during the AAP/Library Journal "Mystery Authors Revealed!" panel hosted by our very own Talia!

*Don't forget to pick up your complimentary signed copy of Lars Kepler's debut, THE HYPNOTIST!

See the full panel details and request an invitation here.

And finally, please swing by booth #1540 any time you're on the show floor. We'll be giving away some excellent galleys and we're always up for a chat.



Monday Fun Day! (7/11/2011 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (7/11/2011 Edition)

Happy Monday, everyone!

Let's start by congratulating Chevy Stevens whose chilling debut, STILL MISSING, won the 2011 Thriller Award for Best First Novel. Well done, Chevy! You can see all the 2011 Thriller Award-winners here

Congrats are also in order for a second exceptional debut, THE POACHER'S SON by Paul Doiron, which just won the 2010 Strand Critics Award for Best First Novel!

In response to a flood of requests, we posted the full text of the fabulous BEA panel, "The Great Readalike. If You Like This…You’ll LOVE That!" The recommendations are spot on; I've already found two new favorites.

Barbara Hoffert shared some of her personal panel highlights from ALA 2011 in Authors at ALA: My Final Word. Her list includes “Tales from the Heart: Literary Memoirs” with Margaux Fragoso (TIGER, TIGER), “Celebrating Southern Writers" with John Hart (IRON HOUSE), and “Mystery and Horror @ Your Library” with Bill Loehfelm (THE DEVIL SHE KNOWS) and Erica Spindler (WATCH ME DIE). Barbara also included her Best Suggestion for a Book Club Read: THE TRANSFORMATION OF BARTHOLOMEW FORTUNO by Ellen Bryson and says,

"Both touching and absorbing, this First Author title reminds us that we’re none of us geeks—we share our humanity, whatever our 'curiosities.'"

Speaking of TIGER, TIGER, IRON HOUSE, and THE TRANSFORMATION OF BARTHOLOMEW FORTUNO, our Great ALA Signed Books Sweepstakes is only open until Friday, so get your entry in now!

And if you're in the mood to enter another rad contest, FSG is giving away 50 copies of THE HYPNOTIST here: http://us.macmillan.com/FSGadult/promo/hypnotistjuly.



Talia’s Pick: The Hypnotist

Talia’s Pick: The Hypnotist

If you've attended a book buzz, panel, or webinar featuring Talia this year, you were undoubtedly recommended THE HYPNOTIST by the pseudonymous couple, Lars Kepler. Booklist warned us of Talia's penchant for gore, so we all should have known this book would be right up her alley. I mean, come on, the cover is a pair of bloody scissors suspended over what looks like a pool of more blood. And just listen to this description:

In the frigid clime of Tumba, Sweden, a gruesome triple homicide attracts the interest of Detective Inspector Joona Linna, who demands to investigate the murders. The killer is still at large, and there’s only one surviving witness—the boy whose family was killed before his eyes. Whoever committed the crimes wanted this boy to die: he’s suffered more than one hundred knife wounds and lapsed into a state of shock. Desperate for information, Linna sees only one option: hypnotism. He enlists Dr. Erik Maria Bark to mesmerize the boy, hoping to discover the killer through his eyes.

It’s the sort of work that Bark has sworn he would never do again—ethically dubious and psychically scarring. When he breaks his promise and hypnotizes the victim, a long and terrifying chain of events begins to unfurl.

Publishers Weekly gave THE HYPNOTIST a starred review that reads, "The brutal slaying of gambling addict Anders Ek, his wife, and his younger daughter propels this outstanding thriller debut. [...] Readers will look forward to seeing more of Linna in what one hopes will be a long series."

Shelf Awareness calls it "extraordinarya heart-pounding, enthralling story of madness and malevolence." And "a riveting story of obsession and revenge."

Booklist says THE HYPNOTIST has "a cracking pace" and that it "belongs on every international crime fan’s reading list."

If you're looking for a pulse-raising, blood spattered, fast-paced thriller, then THE HYPNOTIST is for you.



Buried in the Sand: The New York Times Beach Recs

Buried in the Sand: The New York Times Beach Recs

Not sure which book to bring to the beach this summer? Let The New York Times help you out with their list of Books to Bury Yourself In. We've highlighted our favorites below.

The Times kicked off their list with THE GIRL WITH THE STURGEON TATTOO, "a nifty parody due late this summer. Its Goth heroine, Lizzy Salamander, spends Wednesdays kickboxing, Thursdays doing Krav Maga and Fridays memorizing pi. Its muckraking journalist hero, Blomberg, has been asked to stop investigating 'a vast ring of corruption, prostitution and ethnic cleansing involving the prime minister and the CEOs of Volvo, Saab and H&M' and instead write about Abba’s Christmas reunion concert."

"For those disinclined to laugh about the Larsson legacy, there is THE TATTOOED GIRL, a paperback devoted to topics like “Lisbeth Salander, the Millennium Trilogy, and My Mother.” This book is also a guide to Scandinavia’s next crime-writing stars, like the author of THE HYPNOTIST, Lars Kepler. THE HYPNOTIST is a debut novel. It’s the summer’s likeliest new Nordic hit."

"Norb Vonnegut offers a gleeful peek at the world of hedge fund moguls in THE GODS OF GREENWICH, a funny, savvy book that can be as absurd as its title."

"In GONE WITH A HANDSOMER MAN, by Michael Lee West, Teeny Templeton — called Possum Head as a child — catches her fiancé with two other women. Since this is a Southern story in the Steel Magnolia vein, Teeny’s first response is to throw peaches at him. Her second, better idea is to remember that peach seeds contain cyanide."

"THE AMERICAN HEIRESS is also far from fluff. Its author, Daisy Goodwin, has written a Gilded Age period piece (published in England as MY LAST DUCHESS) about an American girl from a Vanderbilt-like family who snags a British title, sort of the way Consuelo Vanderbilt did."

And finally, "BENEATH A STARLET SKY, an outrageously name-dropping novel set at the Cannes film festival, offers a giddier view of France. But it’s the closest thing to BERGDORF BLONDES that can be found this summer. And its authors, Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper, have that rare gift among today’s few viable chick-lit authors: a sense of humor."