Adult Books for Teens

This month’s roundup of Adult Books for Teens includes an absorbing political biography and the historical account of an infamous shipwreck. PELOSI by Molly Ball97812502528695/5/2020 An intimate, fresh perspective on the most powerful woman in American political history, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, by award-winning political journalist Molly Ball. “Political junkies and teens looking for role […]

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Women 2020: Memoirs and Biographies (4/13/20)

This Women 2020 Spotlight brings us four memoirs and biographies of strong women finding their way in politics, Hollywood, identity, and through recipes and love. PELOSI by Molly Ball “A cradle-to-today portrait of a master politician who ‘shattered the ‘marble ceiling’ and blazed a new trail for women’…A top-notch political biography.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review MISS […]

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