Women 2020: Female Empowerment (7/8/20)

Today we spotlight the feminine divine with a detailed guide to a female-empowering religion: witchcraft. MODERN WITCHCRAFT: Goddess Empowerment for the Kick-Ass Woman by Deborah Blake There are many different Witchcraft paths and a multitude of approaches to its practice. This book from a Wiccan high priestess will guide the reader on the journey to […]

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Nonfiction Round-Up (1/15/20)

Saving a zoo under ISIS control + how artificial intelligence will erode employment + skills and principles of how to be a leader + an illustrated collection of love and relationship advice = this nonfiction round-up. FATHER OF LIONS: One Man’s Remarkable Quest to Save the Mosul Zoo by Louise Callaghan “Callaghan’s (Middle East correspondent, […]

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