Nonfiction Round-Up (1/15/20)

Saving a zoo under ISIS control + how artificial intelligence will erode employment + skills and principles of how to be a leader + an illustrated collection of love and relationship advice = this nonfiction round-up.

FATHER OF LIONS: One Man’s Remarkable Quest to Save the Mosul Zoo by Louise Callaghan

“Callaghan’s (Middle East correspondent, The Sunday Times) first book is a true page-turner…Recommended for readers seeking a more nuanced understanding of the complexities inherent to this region.”–Library Journal, starred review

A WORLD WITHOUT WORK: Technology, Automation, and How We Should Respond by Daniel Susskind

“Susskind’s book is so timely, to miss it might be downright irresponsible.”–Booklist


“Leadership lessons from the front lines, just where leadership is most needed…A valuable handbook for leaders and decision-makers at any level of the organizational chart.”–Kirkus Reviews

YOU CAN ONLY YELL AT ME FOR ONE THING AT A TIME: Rules for Couples by Patricia Marx and Roz Chast

“Celebrated New Yorker contributor Marx joins with celebrated New Yorker cartoonist Chast to offer tips about healthy relationships that go beyond old saws like ‘Don’t go to bed angry.’ My favorites so far: ‘It is easier to stay inside and wait for the snow to melt than to fight about who should shovel.'”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

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