A Special Message from Anne Youngson

Anne Youngson took the library world by storm with her debut novel MEET ME AT THE MUSEUM. And now she’s back with a special message for librarians and to tell you about her forthcoming novel, THE NARROWBOAT SUMMER. Dear Librarian, I have been a fan of libraries all my life. I was brought up in […]

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Take This Quiz!: ON FASCISM

In ON FASCISM: 12 Lessons from American History, American authoritarianism expert Matthew C. MacWilliams offers both an honest reckoning and a call for reconciliation. Denial and division will not save the Republic, but coming to terms with our history might. The author has written a special message to book people across the spectrum to further […]

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Genre For All Presents: Kawai Strong Washburn and SHARKS IN THE TIME OF SAVIORS

A young family is vacationing when their seven-year-old son falls overboard (which is seriously worst nightmare material)–that is, until a shark appears, cradling the child in its jaws and delivering him safely back to his family. Now the family thinks that everything is turning around for them–they’re clearly favored by the ancient Hawaiian gods–and everyone […]

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