We Love the Ava Lee Mysteries

We Love the Ava Lee Mysteries

Today we’re thrilled to share with you Ian Hamilton’s mystery series starring Ava Lee, a forensic accountant who also happens to be a deadly martial artist with a taste for luxury and a mind like a steel trap. Yeah girl! 

Ava made her debut in THE DISCIPLE OF LAS VEGAS which Booklist called, "Slick, fast-moving escapism reminiscent of Ian Fleming, with more to come in what shapes up as a high-energy, high-concept series.” DISCIPLE was followed by another globetrotting follow-the-money adventure, THE WILD BEASTS OF WUHAN.

Now, Ava must rescue her family from gangsters and bankruptcy in the third book in the series, THE RED POLE OF MACAU (available Dec. 31), which is getting terrific reviews:

"Hamilton delivers a fantastic read once again. Recommended for mystery and crime thriller fans." Library Journal, starred review

"Asian locales and action increasing to a deadly climax add to the appeal...in Hamilton’s surefire series." – Booklist 

"Hamilton delivers colorful snapshots of Hong Kong and Macau, a well-paced plot, and a smart and capable heroine who’ll make you see accounting in a whole new light." – Kirkus Reviews

Can't get enough of Ava Lee? The fourth book in the series, THE WATER RAT OF WANCHAI is coming in May 2014, but the e-galley is available now. Get whitelisted and download your copy. [...]


For Your Consideration… December LibraryReads suggestions

For Your Consideration… December LibraryReads suggestions

Friends, thank you again for choosing Julia Spencer-Fleming's THROUGH THE EVIL DAYS and Barry Maitland's THE RAVEN'S EYE for the November LibraryReads list. 

We're already halfway through the month, which means only two more weeks to nominate titles for the December list (due Nov. 1). Never fear! We're happy to help you whittle down the "To Read" pile with our favorite December books:

This moving debut novel is a December Indie Next selection! Set in the arid plains of Apartheid-era South Africa, THE HOUSEMAID'S DAUGHTER tells the story of Cathleen, an estranged young woman whose only true companions are her diary and her housemaid's daughter. But one night changes everything and Cathleen must choose between conforming to society or finding the girl she has come to love as her own daughter. "Rich in detail and subtle in its politics, this affecting novel tells a poignant, inspiring story." – Booklist, starred review

NetGalley logoAvailable on NetGalley. Email library@macmillanusa.com (subject line: HOUSEMAID'S DAUGHTER) to get pre-approved for a galley.

by Maggie Barbieri
In a dramatic departure from her Murder 101 series, Maggie Barbieri has written a gripping novel about one burnt out mother's desperate determination to protect her family's future by facing down her past. What starts out as a standard suburban mystery evolves into an unexpectedly riveting tale of ordinary cruelty and complicated heroism. "...Barbieri skillfully avoids tipping her hand until the last possible moment, leaving readers both breathless and unnerved by the novel’s conclusion." – Publishers Weekly, starred & boxed review

NetGalley logoAvailable on NetGalley. Email library@macmillanusa.com (subject line: ONCE UPON A LIE) to get pre-approved for a galley.

THE TRIP TO ECHO SPRING: On Writers and Drinking
by Olivia Laing
“The tortured relationship between literary lions and their liquor illuminates the obscure terrain of psychology and art in this searching biographical meditation…. Laing explores this rich topic through an unusual mix of biographical research, astute literary interpretation, and wonderfully atmospheric travelogue... The result is a fine study of a human frailty through the eyes of its most perceptive victims.” – Publishers Weekly, starred review. If that's not enough of an endorsement, Library Journal's Barbara Hoffert made it one of her picks saying, “Perennially astonishing authors framed by a perennially popular theme.”

Email library@macmillanusa.com (subject line: TRIP TO ECHO SPRING) to get request an e-galley.

by Ian Hamilton
Booklist called the exotic Ava Lee mystery series, “Slick, fast-moving escapism reminiscent of Ian Fleming,” and the third entry shows no sign of flagging. In THE RED POLE OF MACAU, Ava must rescue her half-brother Michael and his business partner Simon from a disastrous multi-million-dollar real-estate deal in Macau that could bankrupt them. When the developers turn out to be gangsters and kidnap Simon, Ava must use all her skills to outwit the gangsters, rescue Simon, and save her family’s future.

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