Our #FridayReads + E-Galley Hook Up

Our #FridayReads + E-Galley Hook Up

Happy Friday, party librarians! It's that time of the week in which we like to share with you what we're currently reading.

Talia's loving THE FAITHFUL EXECUTIONER: Life and Death, Honor and Shame in the Turbulent Sixteenth Century by Joel F. Harrington. In fact, she selected a passage from the beginning of the book for her excerpt pick in our newsletter last week:

"Ultimately he intended to become, like his father, a master in the practice of 'special interrogation' (i.e., torture) and in the art of efficiently dispatching a condemned soul in the manner prescribed by law, using methods that ranged from the common execution with the rope, to the less frequent death by fire or by drowning, to the infamous and exceptionally rare drawing and quartering.

"Today Meister Heinrich was testing Frantz on the most difficult-and most honorable-of all forms of execution, death by the sword, or beheading." 

ufo coverI just started UFO HUNTERS: Book One by William J. Birnes. I've never actually seen the UFO Hunters TV show on HISTORY, but I looove reading about everyday people encountering the unexplainable or, even better, the suspiciously explained. Get whitelisted and download the e-galley of UFO HUNTERS now so we can talk about it.

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On Monday I offered to hook up any librarians with a pre-approved NetGalley download link for ALL OUR PRETTY SONGS (one of my Uncharted Pages picks) and the offer still stands! Just e-mail me 1. your title and 2. the e-mail address you use to sign into NetGalley.

What are your #FridayReads? [...]

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