Starred Reviews for Exit Plan

Starred Reviews for Exit Plan

Larry Bond's military thriller EXIT PLAN has already received two starred reviews! When a group of SEALs are forced to abandon their submarine, they're taken hostage in Iran. Escape goes from a desire to a requirement when they uncover an imminent plot against the United States.

In their starred review Publishers Weekly said,

"Set in 2013, this ripped from the headlines tale of SEAL adventures and global politics from bestseller Bond (RED STORM RISING with Tom Clancy) shows once again his absolute mastery of the military action novel. [...] Bond’s refusal to demonize most of the Iranians gives the characters a solid, real-life feel that cranks up both the tension and believability."

In their starred review Kirkus Reviews said,


"The writing is clear and crisp, the characters strong and deserving of sympathy. The reader may feel tempted to mentally wave a flag and chant “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” as our country takes extreme measures to preserve the peace, but Israelis and Iranians are also portrayed as strong, tough and generally principled patriots.

"Iran’s nuclear ambitions are prominent in the news. That makes this novel a perfectly timed, first-class read."


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