Thriller Thursday (4/2/20)

A cozy mystery set in Nashville’s real estate world + the search for a missing child opens the door to a whole new world of secrets = this thriller Thursday. DEAD IN THE DOORWAY: A House-Flipper Mystery by Diane Kelly Following DEAD AS A DOOR KNOCKER, Whitney Whitaker scores the perfect piece of real estate […]

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PLA Booklist Book Buzz Recap (2/26/20)

The Music City has called and we have joined the honky-tonk for PLA! In case you missed the Booklist book buzz this morning, here are all the exciting forthcoming Adult titles we buzzed about. LUSTER by Raven Leilani | 8/4/20 | 9780374194321 | HCTHE BOOK OF V. by Anna Solomon | 5/5/20 | 9781250257017 | […]

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