Dispatches from that Little Bookstore in Big Stone Gap

Dispatches from that Little Bookstore in Big Stone Gap

"Big Stone Gap is truly, madly, amazingly beautiful."

  —Me, in the doorway of the little bookstore of Big Stone Gap

tales of the lonesome pine

Dearest librarians,

I have returned alive and unscathed from my weekend field excursion to the Tales of the Lonesome Pine Bookstore, a magical little mansion-turned-bookstore in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. Well, to be totally honest I'm a little scratched up thanks to an overly-playful kitten (I'm looking at you, Owen!), but below the love-scratches I'm all gushy and glowing inside. 

a zoo and a bookstore

I happen to know the dapper fellow who has been bookshop-sitting while bookstore co-owners Wendy and Jack are traveling the country on book tour. I've been bugging him since day one for pics, updates, and the stories behnd the stories, but eventually I had to haul myself down there and experiece it for myself.

owen!There are few things more satisfying than heading downstairs for coffee in the morning, passing by tens of thousands of books ready for reading, and settling into a big, comfy chair with a lapful of unearned affection from a horde of well-loved pets. The coziness factor is completely out of control! Everyone is so freaking welcoming! There are a suspicious number of cats napping in all the right places!

In fact, the more I remember from my trip, the more I think I never went to Virginia at all. I probably just visited my local REKAL branch and had my perfect weekend getaway implanted in my memory.

Wendy and Jack have admittedly had their ups and downs moving into a small town and opening an independent bookstore. You can and should read all about their journey in Wendy's memoir, but the home/business/animal sanctuary that they live/work/play in today is straight out of a book lover's dream. 

If you're ever in the area, do yourself a favor and stop by. 


UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Congratulations to winner Melissa Gray from St. Paul Public Library!

We're also giving away a signed copy of THE LITTLE BOOKSTORE OF BIG STONE GAP to one lucky librarian and I just extended to the entrance deadline until this Friday. Details here!



Monday Fun Day! (8/29/2011 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (8/29/2011 Edition)

Well, folks, we made it to Monday. I hope your weekend was relatively uneventful. To those of you who experienced flooding and property damage, we're thinking of you and crossing our fingers for a smooth recovery.

- Amidst all the bad news, we have great news: we're delighted to welcome Kym Giacoppe--former member of Penguin's rockin' library and academic marketing team--to Macmillan! She's now working with the St. Martin's Press trade marketing team and we're thrilled she's in the building!

A TRICK OF THE LIGHT comes out tomorrow and if you're as excited as we are, you might want to check out this insightful interview with Louise Penny. 

- Did you know that Library Journal has a Tumblr? Now you do: http://libraryjournal.tumblr.com/.

The Beach Pack Giveaway is now closed and we'll have a winner for you in the next few days, so keep an eye on your inbox.

- Finally, we're still coveting these totally ridiculous tees from Unshelved. "Much Ado About Kittens" might as well be the tagline for this department.

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