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Booklist Mystery Month 2017!

May is Mystery Month at Booklist! Check out our recent mystery award winners (plus Talia’s “Spring the Trap: Mysteries That Won’t Let Go” webinar titles) and see which Macmillan titles made Booklist‘s “Best of” reading lists for 2017.
The Year’s Best Crime Novels: 2017 (full list) — Top 10 Crime Novels & Best Crime Fiction Debuts

LET THE DEVIL OUT by Bill Loehfelm
New Orleans rookie cop and loose cannon Maureen Coughlin is tasked with helping the FBI track a white supremacist group. Will Maureen go rogue again, or will she channel what she calls her “killing feeling” into doing good police work? Not only has Loehfelm created the most compelling, complex patrol cop in the genre; he has also reenergized New Orleans as a setting for the best in crime fiction, edgy, dangerous, but pulsing with life.

THE DRY by Jane Harper
Harper’s small-town, big-secrets page-turner tells the story of Aaron Falk, who returns to his Australian hometown to attend the funeral of a friend believed to have shot his wife and son and then killed himself. Falk begins to question the details of the crime and, together with the town’s police sergeant, undertakes an investigation that unearths secrets new and old, some involving Falk’s father. A stunning debut reminiscent of Peter Corliss’ Cliff Hardy series.

Find out what inspired Jane Harper to write THE DRY in Booklist Reader’s “Clues to My Crime” column!

Neuroscientist Hosking turns in a startlingly fine performance with his first novel, about a man so determined to find his missing sister that he risks his own reality to solve the mystery of her disappearance. It’s quickly apparent that this is one of those mind-bending thrillers in which time and space are fluid concepts, but Hosking draws us in completely to his labyrinthine narrative.

For titles reviewed from May 1, 2016 through April 15, 2017.

Top 10 Crime Fiction Audiobooks: 2017 (full list)

BEHIND HER EYES by Sarah Pinborough, read by Bea Holland and others
A fine cast of narrators voices this complex, riveting story of a love triangle based on obsession and deceit.

A GREAT RECKONING by Louise Penny, read by Robert Bathurst
Using realistic voices and impeccable nuances, Bathurst portrays a cast of quirky characters in this atmospheric, multilayered mystery.

For titles reviewed from April 1, 2016 through April 15, 2017.

Plus, Benjamin Black’s EVEN THE DEAD, read by John Keating, is listed as a great listen-alike for Celtic Noir!

Trend Alert: Suburban Suspense (full list)

The marriage of Grace Harrington and Jack Angel seemed perfect, except for what went on behind closed doors. On their honeymoon, Grace’s new husband, Jack, reveals his psychopathic nature, using Grace’s deep love for her special-needs sister, Millie, as leverage in concocting a depraved scheme that will ruin both women.

COME SUNDOWN by Nora Roberts
Alice Bodine turns up at her family’s Montana ranch and luxury resort battered, bruised, and with no memory of her old life, 25 years after running away. Her niece puts Alice’s return together with the recent murders of two women and suspects that someone very twisted may be living nearby.

TRULY MADLY GUILTY by Liane Moriarty
Moriarty handles neighborhood secrets, indiscretions, and twists like no one else. A spontaneous barbecue upends the lives of three couples in suburban Sydney. From the start, readers know that something terrible has happened—Erika can’t quite remember the details, Clementine doesn’t want to remember them, and their husbands are struggling with the aftermath. But it’s not until midway through the story that Moriarty shows her hand.

A Hard-Boiled Gazetteer to the Pacific Rim (full list)

THE BROKEN SHORE by Peter Temple
This first in a series stars Melbourne homicide detective Joe Cashin, who has been temporarily reassigned to his hometown in rural Australia while he recovers from injuries only slowly explained. But despite its remote landscape, the little town of Port Munro generates some big-city crime. Evoking a view of the continent that is more Ian Rankin than Crocodile Dundee, Temple tells a troubling tale of race and class conflict—with an even darker crime at the heart of it. This deeply intelligent thriller starts slowly, builds inexorably, and ends unforgettably.

Sydney homicide detective Harry Belltree is as hard-boiled as they come, a kind of Australian Dirty Harry with a little of Lawrence Block’s Matt Scudder, who once said to a killer he was about to dispatch, “I just don’t want you to be alive anymore.” This installment in Maitland’s unsparingly dark series provides backstory, explaining how Harry got to be Harry and how he developed his investigative style: shake the tree, see who falls out, and kill them. So old school you can smell the cordite. readmoreremove

Westport Mystery Round Table

Today Anne presented her favorite Spring & Fall 2016 mysteries & thrillers at a Mystery Round Table for the Connecticut Library Consortium. They’re so good that EVERYONE needs to know about them:

ALL IS NOT FORGOTTEN* | Wendy Walker | 9781250097910 | Available Now (A July 2016 LibraryReads pick!)
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS* | B.A. Paris | 9781250121004 | On Sale 8/9/16
LET THE DEVIL OUT | Bill Loehfelm | 9780374298579 | Available Now
AMONG THE WICKED* | Linda Castillo | 9781250061577 | Available Now (A July 2016 LibraryReads pick!)
STRIPPED BARE | Shannon Baker | 9780765385444 | On Sale 9/6/16 (LR deadline: 7/20)
A GREAT RECKONING* | Louise Penny | 9781250022134 | On Sale 8/30/16
THE JOLLY ROGER SOCIAL CLUB | Nick Foster | 9781627793728 | Available Now
BY GASLIGHT | Steven Price | 9780374160531 | On Sale 10/04/16 (LR deadline: 8/20)
THE ONE MAN* | Andrew Gross | 9781250079503 | On Sale 8/23/16
THE WHITE MIRROR | Elsa Hart | 9781250074966 |  On Sale 9/6/16 (LR deadline: 7/20)
DAISY IN CHAINS | Sharon Bolton | 9781250103420 | On Sale 9/20/16 (LR deadline: 7/20)
BEHIND HER EYES* | Sarah Pinborough| 9781250111173 | On Sale 1/31/17 (LR deadline: 11/20)
THE NEXT | Stephanie Gangi | 9781250110565 | On Sale 10/18/16 (LR deadline: 8/20)
THE SECRETS OF WISHTIDE | Kate Saunders | 9781632864499 | On Sale 9/13/16 (LR deadline: 7/20)
A MOST NOVEL REVENGE | Ashley Weaver | 9781250060457 | On Sale 10/11/16 (LR deadline: 8/20)
ALL THE LITTLE LIARS | Charlaine Harris | 9781250090034 | On Sale 10/4/16 (LR deadline: 8/20)
THE MOTION OF PUPPETS | Keith Donohue | 9781250057181 | On Sale 10/4/16 (LR deadline: 8/20)
THE DRY | Jane Harper | 9781250105608 | On Sale 1/10/17 (LR deadline: 11/20)

Download the PDF handout of presented titles and don’t forget, you can also download e-galleys of available titles on Edelweiss & nominate them for LibraryReads! (Don’t see the green button? Get whitelisted.)


Thriller Thursday (7/7/16 Edition)

Two cops, the ghost of Typhoid Mary and a tragically murdered Amish woman are in today’s #ThrillerThursday lineup:

LET THE DEVIL OUT by Bill Loehfelm
A BEA 2016 “Shout ‘n Share” pick! “Not only has Loehfelm created the most compelling, complex patrol cop in the genre—part take-no-prisoners badass, part too-sensitive-for-the street rookie—he has also reenergized New Orleans as a setting for the best in crime fiction, going well beyond the clichés (no Cafe du Monde here) and nailing that rich Treme vibe—edgy, dangerous, but pulsing with life. Maureen Coughlin is as good as it gets.” — Booklist, starred review

Josie Gray, police chief of a West Texas border town on the front lines of the fight against illegal immigration, finds one of its casualties right on her doorstep. “Fields wraps a complex plot and ripped-from-the-headlines social relevance around a terrific heroine, scoring big for women in law enforcement.” — Publishers Weekly

An instant classic of supernatural suspense centered on a group of friends who find themselves unwittingly trapped on an island with a vengeful Typhoid Mary. “A strong, quick, and perfectly upsetting little shocker.” — Booklist readmoreremove

BEA 2016 “Shout ‘n Share” Picks

Lovely library friends, we’re having BEA withdrawal.

We had TOO MUCH fun, from Anne & Talia’s silly Macmillan Library genie skit to the #librariansonly “Mac Snack Book Attack” where Anne gave our personal book recommendations, ARCs & homemade cookies. We love ya.

AS the genie backstage Anne @ snack attack

Y’all love us, too! Check out the Macmillan books your librarian pals recommended at the annual BEA Shout ‘n Share panel:

Lesa Holstine, Collection Development Manager at Evansville Public Library (IN) loved Rae Meadows’s I WILL SEND RAIN (“It will make you really thirsty”), Linda Castillo‘s latest Kate Burkholder mystery, AMONG THE WICKED and Louise Penny‘s new Inspector Armand Gamache mystery, A GREAT RECKONING.

Tracy Babiasz, Acquisitions and Collections Manager at Chapel Hill Public Library (NC) adored Stacey Kade’s 738 DAYS (“If you want a romance with a little bit of thriller, this one’s for you”) and THE NEXT by Stephanie Gangi.

Chicago Public Library’s Stephen Sposato, Manager, Content Curation, raved about Max Porter’s GRIEF IS THE THING WITH FEATHERS and Ross King’s MAD ENCHANTMENT: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies.

Vicki Nesting, Assistant Director at St. Charles Parish Public Library (LA) stayed close to home for her pick: LET THE DEVIL OUT by Bill Loehfelm, the next book in the New Orleans-set series starring cop Maureen Coughlin.

Panel moderator Wilda Williams, Library Journal fiction editor, fell for THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF IVAN ISAENKO by Scott Stambach and also enjoyed Sposato’s pick, MAD ENCHANTMENT.

See Wilda’s full LJ write-up of Shout ‘n Share here.