#ThrillerThursday: The Softer Side (11/13/14 Edition)

#ThrillerThursday: The Softer Side (11/13/14 Edition)

Victorian England’s amateur sleuth Charles Lenox has been compared to Sherlock Holmes and Dorothy L. Sayers’s Lord Peter Wimsey — his creator, Charles Finch, has been compared to Agatha Christie and Anne Perry. My dear librarian, why haven’t you dipped into this delightful series, yet? A BEAUTIFUL BLUE DEATH “Vividly capturing the essence of Victorian […]

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Great news! Tulsa librarian Will Thomas's latest Barker & Llewellyn historical mystery, FATAL ENQUIRY, received a great review in Marilyn Stasio's New York Times Book Review mystery column this past Sunday!

“[A] Classic detective duo…. The best fun in this Big Boys’ Adventure Book is observing [protagonist Cyrus] Barker in action. An autodidact who keeps a French chef in his kitchen and rare penjing trees in his garden, he’s a formidable foe who applies the wits he was born with (and the subversive skills he acquires in Canton) in hand-to-hand combat.” New York Times Book Review (read the full review here)

Additional praise for FATAL ENQUIRY:

“Recommended for historical mysteries enthusiasts, Anglophiles, and Sherlockians. Fans of Alex Grecian, Anthony Horowitz, and Charles Todd should take special note.” Library Journal, starred review

“Readers will relish the appealing characters, clever twists, and colorful vision of late 19th-century London.” — Publishers Weekly

“Well-crafted and immersive, this a great addition to the to-be-read stacks of Thomas’ fans, as well as those of Alex Grecian and Anne Perry’s.” — Booklist

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