Goodbye, Ali—Hello, Anne!

Goodbye, Ali—Hello, Anne!

**Warning: tearjerker post ahead! Do not proceed without kleenex!**

Dearest librarians,

It grieves me to tell you that I will no longer be posting news, giveaways, and cat videos here for you come September. I've accepted a position at Tor working on titles from the Tor Teen and Starscape imprints. 

It's been an honor discussing books and baby animals with you all. Thank you for your kindness, silliness, and enthusiasm. Please, please stay in touch!

And now I shall pass the torch to Anne Spieth, Assistant Library Marketing Manager extraordinaire! 



Hello Library Land!

My name is Anne Spieth and I’m thrilled to be joining Talia’s team and working with all of you. If this was a pageant and I was asked to describe myself, I would say that:

1) I’m a voracious reader (I read mostly fiction and love mysteries but most of all I just want a compelling story. I am currently reading HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN by Louise Penny and INSURGENT by Veronica Roth).

2) I’m from Tucson, AZ (shout out to all the Pima County Librarians!).

3) I worked at Barnes & Noble for 7 years (I worked in every department starting in the café and can still make a mean macchiato) and have worked in publishing for 5 years at both Macmillan and Simon & Schuster doing marketing, publicity, and design.

4) I love to bake (hopefully most of you will experience my baking at one point or another).

5) I love music (I played flute and trumpet and did marching band in high school and college).

6) I have tattoos and occasionally wear glasses.

7) I love all things small and cuddly (current obsession: my NYC bestie’s cat Louie).

I’m pretty sure you can see why Talia hired me. I love meeting new people and making connections, so please don’t hesitate to email or call me at any time. I look forward to working with all of you and hopefully meeting many of you in person in the coming months!


Ali&Anne sharing cookiesAnne giving Ali a delicious compost cookie (recipe here) she baked. 



ATTN: Inked Librarians!

ATTN: Inked Librarians!

Ed Hardy wants YOU—Uncle Sam-style—to show off your literary tattoos for a chance to win an original piece of hand-painted flash by the man himself, Ed Hardy! 

ed hardy tat bar

To enter submit your tattoo photos to the Ed Hardy Literary Tattoo Facebook page here:

And then get whitelisted to download the e-galley of Ed Hardy's forthcoming autobiography, WEAR YOUR DREAMS.

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This contest is open until June 16th, 2013. Contest details posted here (PDF).