2021 Locus Awards Finalists + Winners

Congratulations to Macmillan’s 2021 Locus Awards Finalists and Winners! SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL ATTACK SURFACE by Cory DoctorowUNCONQUERABLE SUN by Kate ElliottTHE RELENTLESS MOON by Mary Robinette KowalTHE LAST EMPEROX by John ScalziNETWORK EFFECT by Martha Wells–WINNERINTERLIBRARY LOAN by Gene Wolfe FANTASY NOVEL THE ANGEL OF THE CROWS by Katherine AddisonPIRANESI by Susanna ClarkeHARROW THE NINTH […]

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Stars and Rave Reviews… Oh My!

Stars and Rave Reviews… Oh My!

Friends, today we're sharing stars and rave reviews for THE LAND ACROSS by Gene Wolfe and DUPLEX by Katherine Davis. 

The full-page New York Times Book Review (9/22 issue) had this to say about DUPLEX, the coming-of-age love story where time, place, and mind all bend in extraordinary ways:  

"[I fell] in love with Davis's writing, what it did to me, that combination of horror and excitement that spilled out of the book, into my past, into the now, into everything around me. Few books have given me this sort of real-time thrill.... [DUPLEX] wormholes through the real and unreal in a way that is always compelling even if it doesn't make immediate sense to the top of the mind, the human experience always recognizable even in a world that feels like a much-needed nightmare version of 'Brigadoon.' When you are lost in the uncanny woods of this astonishing, double-hinged book, just keep reading, and remember to look up. Kathryn Davis knows right where you are." (Lynda Barry, author of CRUDDY)

DUPLEX is available now from Graywolf Press.

And... Hitting your shelves in November is Gene Wolfe's latest standalone novel, THE LAND ACROSS.

Wolfe is generally known as one of the greatest living writers of science fiction and fantasy. He's won the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement, was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2007, and just this year he received the SFWA Grand Master award. 

With all that acclaim, we're very excited for THE LAND ACROSS, a new fantasy that seamlessly blends mystery, travelogue, authoritarianism and the supernatural. Set in the present in an imagined Eastern European country, an American travel guide writer is trapped the moment he crosses the border. At first it seems like pure bureaucracy--only later it's evident that there are supernatural agencies at work. But why? Is our hero a spy or is he an innocent citizen caught in a Kafkaesque trap?

THE LAND ACROSS has already received two starred pre-publication reviews: 

"Wolfe, in masterful mood, builds his characters, explores the puzzles, links the elements together and contrives to render the backdrop both intriguingly attractive and creepily sinister. Sheer enjoyment." --Library Journal, starred review

"Wolfe evokes Kafka, Bradbury, and The Twilight Zone in combining the implausible, creepy, and culturally alien to create a world where every action is motivated by its own internal logic, driving the story forward through the unexplored and incomprehensible." --Publishers Weekly, starred review

**And let’s not forget that Ali Fisher had her eye on this gem for a while now... Check out her review on Uncharted Pages.  


To Omaha, Paris, & an Alternate Eastern Europe: Uncharted Pages #4!

To Omaha, Paris, & an Alternate Eastern Europe: Uncharted Pages #4!

UP 4 gifGreetings, reading wizards!

A new set of transportive speculative fiction recommendations is up on Uncharted Pages, our readers' advisory page hosted on EarlyWord.com. Read "To Omaha, Paris, and an Alternate Eastern Europe" now!

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Head over to Uncharted Pages, click the pale blue envelope icon under my picture, and send me an e-mail with your mailing address, your title, and two characters from any series who are nemeses, but you'd rather see fall in love by Friday, July 12th.

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2011 Locus Award-finalists Announced

2011 Locus Award-finalists Announced

Locus Magazine has announced their 2011 Locus Award-nominees! Look at all this amazing work from Tor and St. Martin's Press:

Fantasy Novel
Gene Wolfe

First Novel
Mary Robinette Kowal

Hannu Rajaniemi

“The Mystery Knight”
George R.R. Martin (WARRIORS)

Gardner Dozois, ed.

George R.R. Martin & Gardner Dozois, eds.

Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century: Volume 1: 1907-1948: Learning Curve 
William H. Patterson, Jr.

And More
Congratulations are also in order for David G. Hartwell, nominated in the Editor category, Tor, nominated in the Publisher category, and Tor.com, nominated in the Magazine category!