Thriller Thursday (4/22/21)

It’s time to get investigating! This thriller Thursday, we’re spotlighting a royal wedding in England where the Tsar is the target of conspiracies (and an assassin!), and a gripping story of police corruption. DANCE WITH DEATH: A Barker & Llewelyn Novel by Will Thomas “Cyrus Barker, a tight-lipped and proper ‘enquiry agent’ and his assistant, […]

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Author Spotlight: Jeffrey Archer (11/17/20)

Number one New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Archer is back with TWO books for his rabid fans this Fall. Detective William Warwick is back in his second adventure as he is reassigned to the Drugs Squad + twenty of Archer’s most popular and fêted short stories are reimagined alongside beautifully rendered watercolor illustrations. HIDDEN […]

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