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BOOK OF NIGHT by Holly Black
ISBN 9781250812193 | on sale 5/3/22
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“Bestselling YA author Black conjures a dark world filled with crime, betrayal, and power in her atmospheric adult fantasy debut… Black’s adult fans and readers looking for dark urban fantasy will be thrilled.”–Publishers Weekly

ELEKTRA by Jennifer Saint
ISBN 9781250773616 | on sale 5/3/22
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“The toll of the Trojan War, the unfeeling gaze of the gods, and the power-hungry violence of men all fall disproportionately on the shoulders of these women, and Saint’s vivid writing brings their pain, love, and grief to the page in short, intense chapters that make the novel difficult to put down. It’s an emotion-laden story of revenge and rage driven by loss and fills a gap by giving Clytemnestra a voice. Both readers who know the Greek myths well and readers who only know glimmers of the story will enjoy this new, epic retelling, perfect for fans of Madeline Miller’s CIRCE (2018).”–Booklist, starred review

THE HOMEWRECKERS by Mary Kay Andrews
ISBN 9781250278364 | on sale 5/3/22
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“In Andrews’s latest, widowed Hattie Kavanaugh has a chance to rescue her business by appearing in a beach-house renovation reality show called The Homewreckers, competing with a male lead who could be a new love interest—or her worst competitor ever.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

ISBN 9781250845962 | on sale 5/3/22
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“Freya’s happily ever after is a given, and it’s no surprise who she ends up with, but the real HEA ending is Freya’s realization that being jilted was a beginning, not an end. VERDICT Recommended for all public library collections.”–Library Journal

ISBN 9781250788832 | on sale 5/10/22
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“Vo’s spellbinding latest solidifies her position as a force to be reckoned with in speculative fiction… Vo’s hypnotic prose blends metaphor with magic so seamlessly that reality itself becomes slippery. Her dazzling voice, evocative scene setting, and ambitious protagonist make this a knockout.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

HIDDEN PICTURES by Jason Rekulak
ISBN 9781250819345 | on sale 5/10/22
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“The explosive third act gives this story a nail-biting ending sure to thrill. Paranormal perfection.”–Booklist

STARRY-EYED LOVE by Helena Hunting
ISBN 9781250624727 | on sale 5/10/22
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Charming, hilarious, and emotional…STARRY-EYED LOVE is Helena Hunting at her very best!

JUST LIKE MOTHER by Anne Heltzel
ISBN 9781250787514 | on sale 5/17/22
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“Heltzel’s adult debut offers an eerie, fast-paced critique of society’s obsession with motherhood… Heltzel’s probing exploration of women’s bodily autonomy—or lack thereof—makes this a solid choice for those who like their horror close to home.”–Publishers Weekly

ISBN 9781250823144 | on sale 5/17/22
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“Never contrived, the novel is beautifully written, making even the quotidian details of Sally’s life fascinating, in part because the story invites such a deep emotional involvement with the fully realized characters and, indeed, with the entirety of this splendid and memorable book.”–Booklist, starred review

“Espach captures the minutiae of love and loss with unflinching clarity and profound compassion, and pulls off the second-person point of view unusually well. Readers will be deeply moved.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

BLOOMSBURY GIRLS by Natalie Jenner
ISBN 9781250276698 | on sale 5/17/22
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“Readers will enjoy surprise appearances and references to notable authors of both the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, sparking interest in the discovery of unfamiliar women writers of the past and in the culture of postwar London. Although Jenner’s novels share some connections, each can be enjoyed on its own.”–Booklist, starred review

ISBN 9780374604769 | on sale 5/24/22
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“A suspicious kidnapping in Lisbon, Portugal, drives this excellent thriller from Edgar winner Pavone… Pavone skillfully layers plot details, often shifting points of view, all the way to the end of this superior, elegantly crafted yarn. The enigmatic central character, whose moral compass is set a bit differently than most, sets this above the pack.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

NIGHTWORK by Nora Roberts
ISBN 9781250278197 | on sale 5/24/22
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“A thief since childhood, when he scrambled to support a mother dying of cancer, the ever-honorable Harry Booth feels he can’t follow up his feelings for Miranda Emerson—although maybe there’s hope if he disentangles himself from the NIGHTWORK he’s been trapped into doing for bad-guy Carter LaPorte.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

ISBN 9781250810144 | on sale 5/31/22
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An engrossing, breakout, standalone, suspense novel with heart, by New York Times bestselling and Emmy Award-winning author Matt Goldman.

THE LATECOMER by Jean Hanff Korelitz
ISBN 9781250790798 | on sale 5/31/22
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“A fatal car crash sets the stage for a fraught marriage and family life… [A] satisfyingly twisty tale rooted in complex characterizations.”–Kirkus Reviews

YERBA BUENA by Nina LaCour
ISBN 9781250810465 | on sale 5/31/22
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“Though its characters are faced with incredible trauma and adversity, Printz Award–winner LaCour’s adult debut is lyrical and ultimately hopeful. Yerba buena—the “good herb,” which is also the name of the restaurant where Sara and Emilie meet—carries the reader through the pain and symbolizes a better future.”–Booklist, starred review

THE FAVOR by Nora Murphy
ISBN 9781250822420 | on sale 5/31/22
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“Many readers will detect a similarity here to what happened to a certain girl on a train, but might that connection be its own kind of red herring in a novel full of dizzying switchbacks? An audacious and completely successful thriller.”–Booklist, starred review

A RIP THROUGH TIME by Kelley Armstrong
ISBN 9781250820006 | on sale 5/31/22
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“Armstrong puts a fresh, fun spin on an age-old premise. Mallory’s snarky narration complements the delightfully preposterous plot, and the vividly sketched cast is studded with charming iconoclasts. Readers will eagerly anticipate future installments.”–Publishers Weekly

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