2022 YA Starred Reviews Round-Up (so far)

These YA reads are all pretty stellar, but don’t just take our word for it check out what Booklist, Publishers Weekly, BCCB, and Kirkus Reviews have to say in their starred reviews!

Waking romeo cover

WAKING ROMEO by Kathryn Barker
9781250174109 | available now

“Packed with Shakespearean references both playful and somber . . . This breathtaking, meticulously plotted adventure revitalizes a classic into a vital call to hope for the pandemic generation.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

When you get the chance cover

9781250783349 | available now

“Brimming with energy, rapid-fire banter, and affectionate theater references, this memorable Mamma Mia! retelling explores the meaning of family . . . Lord thoughtfully pays homage to a recognizable conceit while skillfully modernizing it for today’s readers with knowing nods to social media and the stresses of contemporary adolescence.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

Anatomy cover

ANATOMY: A Love Story by Dana Schwartz
9781250774156 | available now

“Schwartz’s magical novel is at once gripping and tender, and the intricate plot is engrossing as the reader tries to solve the mystery. She doesn’t miss a beat in either the characterization or action, scattering clues with a delicate, precise hand. This is, in the end, the story of the anatomy of the human heart.”
Booklist, starred review

Reclaim The stars cover

RECLAIM THE STARS: Seventeen Tales Across Realms and Space by Zoraida Córdova
9781250790637 | available now

“There is a little something for everyone in this powerful, essential anthology.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Featuring 17 short stories from ‘a collective of science fiction and fantasy authors who spanned the Latin American diaspora,’ [this] anthology invites readers to expand the bounds of their belief with each impossible creation . . . each story leaves a distinct impression, and no voice or subject matter feels stale.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“This stellar anthology . . . offers a much-needed reflection of representation to the Latinx diaspora community.” Booklist, starred review

Full flight cover

FULL FLIGHT by Ashley Schumacher
9781250779786 | available now

“A powerful, unforgettable story of loneliness and belonging.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Edgewood cover

EDGEWOOD by Kristen Ciccarelli
9781250821522 | available now

“Emeline is an appealing mix of moxie and vulnerability, and her struggle to reconcile her desires for a future of her own with her obligations to others is likely one teens will recognize. Precise in construction and style, with an elegant and eerie music motif, this easily earns a place on Stiefvater fans’ TBR lists.”
Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books, starred review

I am margaret moore cover

9781250239570 | available now

“Lyrical writing distinguishes this haunting summer camp thriller as an enthralling literary mystery with crossover appeal.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

Together we burn cover

TOGETHER WE BURN by Isabel Ibañez
9781250803351 | available now

“This beautifully written romantic fantasy features Spanish-speaking characters as well as a gripping, sexy enemies-to-lovers romance with fierce, strong-headed protagonists who dance around—and toward each other. At its core lie magic, a mystery that pulls no punches, and thoughtful examinations of tradition and inheritance. A terrific stand-alone fantasy.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Ibañez has fashioned an immersive fantasy with complex characters in whom readers will quickly become invested. She explores the thin divide between love and hate, how deep passion can drive someone, and the importance of heritage. Spinning magic with mystery, this gorgeous tale will light up your shelf.” Booklist, starred review

Home field advantage cover

9781250765840 | available now

“Alternating between Amber and Jack’s perspectives, this insightful and thought-provoking story astutely addresses the anti-queer attitude of the teens’ community while empathically highlighting the painstaking efforts queer youth may make to ‘fit in’ while denying their true selves.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

Our crooked hearts cover

OUR CROOKED HEARTS by Melissa Albert
9781250826367 | available now

“Albert’s tale of mothers and daughters examines fraught choices and forgiveness against a cleverly insidious backdrop that will leave readers unable to see rabbits the same way again . . . Riveting, creepy, and utterly bewitching; do not miss this one.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“ . . . [A] standalone novel so precise and enthralling that the only possible explanation is that Albert herself is a witch . . . whether or not Albert is in fact a witch, one thing is for sure: her words are magic.” Booklist, starred review

“Atmospherically tense prose and vividly sketched, true-to-life characters add depth, resulting in a tale both spellbinding and bingeworthy.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Teens who enjoy drama, secrets, romance, and mysteries with a twist of magic will love this one. A great addition to young adult collections in public libraries.”
School Library Journal, starred review

“The story itself is haunting and beautiful, full of messy girls drunk on messier magic and told with electric prose brimming with sharp metaphors.” BCCB, starred review

Wake the bones cover

WAKE THE BONES by Elizabeth Kilcoyne
9781250790828 | available now

“Told in the third-person, the novel’s poetic language is atmospheric and evocative. Grounding depictions of the natural world are as vivid and lush as the descriptions of haunting horrors that are beautiful in their gruesomeness . . . In Kilcoyne, YA horror has found a new standard-bearer.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Using an ominous third-person perspective, grisly horror elements, and distinct setting, Kilcoyne delivers an exceptional examination of life, death, and grief teeming with beauty and menace.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

Beating heart baby cover

9781250819093 | available now

“Like a vinyl record, the story is divided into an A-side, narrated by Santi, and a B-side, narrated by Suwa, offering singular points of view through their tempestuous relationship and fledgling artistic careers. A lyrical, rhythmic, and promising debut, this queer romance is a hit.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Min’s debut is a luminous homage to music, art, and the power of found family . . . This achingly romantic novel features racially diverse and variously queer characters, each of whom is given ample space to develop. Min’s personal-feeling prose epitomizes the current age, in which lifelong bonds are forged through computer screens and group chats, emphasizing connection in its myriad forms.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“This gorgeous debut deftly explores themes around gender dysphoria, abuse, loss, anxiety and depression. A must-have for all collections serving older teens especially those looking to add more high-quality realistic queer fiction to their shelves.” School Library Journal, starred review

It’s an epic tale of queer validation, filtered through the light of the California sun and Sailor Moon, and an essential read for anyone searching for a blueprint of their soul.”
Book Page, starred review

“An artful debut about the joys and heartaches that come with existing as your own self.” Booklist, starred review

Long story short cover

LONG STORY SHORT by Serena Kaylor
9781250818416 | available now

“Delightfully, the first meeting between ­Beatrice and Nik leads to an enemies-to-lovers trope which doesn’t disappoint . . . For the introverted and theater fans alike, this is a must-read summer camp romp.” School Library Journal, starred review

Three kisses one midnight cover

THREE KISSES, ONE MIDNIGHT by Roshani Chokshi, Evelyn Skye, and Sandhya Menon
9781250797230 | available now

“Although each story stands on its own, Onny, Ash, and True’s friendship is a consistent thread tying everything together, and the setting of Moon Ridge is charming from start to finish. Supernatural elements are often mentioned, but this is an atmospheric rom-com about the magic of love rather than a fantasy.” School Library Journal, starred review

I am the girl cover

I’M THE GIRL by Courtney Summers
9781250808363 | available now

“A bold, unflinching, and utterly enthralling novel.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Summers expertly weaves together drama, mystery, and romance via George’s guileless narration for an intense look into one girl’s wish to be seen as mature, and the powers that manipulate her, in this powerful, ultimately hopeful performance.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Unexpected revelations and a quick pace keep the more disturbing sequences from being overwhelming, and the tenderness with which Summers handles even her angriest and most revenge-obsessed characters is on full display here, providing brief moments of ­respite from the rage and brutality.”
School Library Journal, starred review

Scattered showers cover

9781250855411 | available now

“The remarkable Rowell offers readers a generous serving of nine exemplary short stories that are, from the first to the last, romances of a sort . . . Best-selling and beloved, Rowell’s writing will entice readers to the library in droves, whatever the weather.” Booklist, starred review

At midnight cover

AT MIDNIGHT: 15 Beloved Fairy Tales Reimagined by Dahlia Adler
9781250806024 | 11/22/22

“Intersectionally diverse and globally inclusive stories take place across time in locales such as British-occupied India, Russia, New York City’s Chinatown, and suburban U.S. neighborhoods this simultaneously whimsical, adventurous, and bone-chilling genre-spanning collection smartly riffs on the referenced source material to explore contemporary values.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Each story has a unique twist and writing style that makes it hard for readers to put down this compilation. Classic fairy tales are often reused for retellings, but Adler’s compilation of short stories is extremely refreshing and inclusive with wonderful writing. The included 15 tales will delight and surprise readers with their fresh takes on classics.” School Library Journal, starred review

Never ever getting back cover

9781250819161 | 11/29/22

“Employing hilariously biting alternating perspectives and a cast populated by strongly characterized female heroines and deliciously despicable reality TV villains, Gonzales (If This Gets Out) expertly taps into contemporary society’s Bachelor obsession to deliver a smart rom-com with a twist.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Narrated in alternating points of view by two layered, complex characters, this fun YA romance is full of twists and turns, petty revenge schemes, and chaotic drama that rivals an actual reality show. If you enjoyed Netflix’s Do Revenge and are craving a bisexual season of The Bachelor, you absolutely must pick up this book.” Booklist, starred review

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