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Andi is a debtera—her job is to cleanse houses of the Evil Eye and the destruction it causes. Magnus is a handsome young heir trapped in a mansion plagued by the Evil Eye, which controls the house and the people within it. When Magnus hires Andi to rid his home of the sinister forces, Andi has no idea what she has signed up for, but she needs money and a roof over her head (even if it is cursed), so she gets to work.

Andi very quickly learns that what lies within the walls of the house is like nothing she’s ever dealt with before. The Evil Eye manifests differently in various rooms—one room is dusted in soot, another covered in constantly-falling snow, and yet another that fills with blood from the floor up. Not to mention the library, which is haunted by a book-throwing presence. In addition, servants are disappearing left and right, never to be seen again. 

Ten debtera have come before Andi and all have failed to rid the house of the Evil Eye, but Andi is determined to succeed. If she wants to survive, she has no choice.

This exciting debut is a perfect mix of terrifying horror, stunning fantasy, and spooky paranormal elements. Add to that the passionate love story between headstrong Andi and eccentric Magnus and you have all the makings of a beautifully crafted and compelling novel.

Dark and magical, this Ethiopian-inspired fantasy is Jane Eyre meets Beauty and the Beast, dripping with Gothic romance, and is the perfect October read. Hand this to fans of A SONG OF WRAITHS AND RUIN by Roseanne A. Brown and SERPENT & DOVE by Shelby Mahurin.

“Perfect for lovers of light horror, romance, and suspense, WITHIN THESE WICKED WALLS will be a surefire pick for the coming autumn nights.” —Booklist, starred review

Happy reading!
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