Historical Spotlight (10/12/21)

This historical spotlight takes us back in time to WWII with a powerful story of family, courage, and resilience and to 1870s Paris with a thrilling romance set in the city of love.

THREE SISTERS by Heather Morris

“Morris skillfully chronicles the lives of the sisters from childhood to old age, balancing fictional invention with extensive research and immersion into the Mellers’ lives. Readers will be greatly inspired by this story of resilience.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review


“A prima ballerina in 1870s Paris is haunted by the ghosts of wronged women in this atmospheric sequel to Biller’s THE WIDOW OF ROSE HOUSE… Biller’s fans will enjoy the feminist romance filtered through familiar gothic tropes.”–Publishers Weekly

THREE SISTERS by Heather Morris; 9781250276896; available now.
THE BRIGHTEST STAR IN PARIS by Diana Biller; 9781250297877; available now.

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