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THE ATLAS SIX by Olivie Blake
ISBN 9781250854513 | on sale 3/1/22
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Six powerful, young magicians are chosen to to compete for five spots within The Alexandrian Society, the protectors and benefactors of the world’s greatest source of knowledge. What the young magicians are willing to sacrifice—and who—is up to them.

THE BONE ORCHARD by Sara A. Mueller
ISBN 9781250776945 | on sale 3/22/22
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“The mystery unravels like an interlocking puzzle, with a satisfying ending even the most well-read of the genre will struggle to guess.”–Publishers Weekly

A BRUSH WITH LOVE by Mazey Eddings
ISBN 9781250805980 | on sale 3/1/22
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Nine out of ten dentists agree, A BRUSH WITH LOVE makes your smile brighter as two dental school students deal with the ups and downs of falling in love.

THE GOLDEN COUPLE by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen
ISBN 9781250273208 | on sale 3/8/22
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“This one represents a return toward the high standard of their early nail-biters.”–Publishers Weekly

ISBN 9780765389121 | on sale 3/15/22
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“Readers familiar with the early Scalzi novels AGENT TO THE STARS (2005) and THE ANDROID’S DREAM (2006) will recognize the same energetic writing style and lightning-fast pacing: this is Scalzi having a lot of fun.”–Booklist, starred review

“A more ethical Jurassic Park meets the camaraderie of Parks and Recreation in this wonderfully witty and refreshingly earnest adventure yarn from Hugo Award winner Scalzi… The parallel world Scalzi builds is understandably dangerous even as he carries on the science fiction tradition of questioning who the real monsters are, but those realistically dark elements help highlight the more optimistic themes of collective action and preservation. The resulting escape is equally lighthearted and grounded—and sure to delight.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

ISBN 9781250200617 | on sale 3/1/22
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“Jeanie Masterson can hear the dead, an inherited gift that has helped her undertaker family thrive in their small Irish town. It’s not easy—sometimes, she carefully doesn’t share what the dead have said—and after leaving school nearly two decades ago to join the business and settle into mindless marriage, she has a chance to follow another path. Following Griffin’s debut, WHEN ALL IS SAID, a No. 1 Irish Times best seller.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

THE NIGHT SHIFT by Alex Finlay
ISBN 9781250268884 | on sale 3/1/22
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“Finlay does a fine job weaving the tangled lives and crimes together in a suspenseful tale…. Thriller fans will eagerly await Finlay’s next.”–Publishers Weekly

ISBN 9781250249272 | on sale 3/29/22
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“Here’s more from the author of the nerve-scraping debut THE LOST VILLAGE, a LibraryReads pick that sold to 17 countries. Eleanor walks in on her grandmother’s murder but won’t be able to identify who did it; she suffers from prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize faces. Obviously, she’s worried about what she doesn’t know—the assailant could be sitting right next to her—and her fears intensify when she inherits a house from her grandmother. It’s chilly, remote, and the place her grandfather died unexpectedly.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

ISBN 9781250801746 | on sale 3/15/22
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“Segura, who writes the ‘Pete Fernandez Mystery’ series and has penned comic books as well, combines his passions in a story featuring aspiring comics writer Carmen Valdez. It’s 1975, the comic book industry is slumping, and Carmen treasures her job at Triumph Comics, where a colleague asks her to help him create the first female superhero. Then he’s found dead, having turned in the scripts they worked on together without crediting her, and a stubborn cop starts making connections.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

THE SUITE SPOT by Trish Doller
ISBN 9781250809476 | on sale 3/8/22
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“Doller uses a vivid setting, strong secondary characters, and convincing depiction of loss and love to create a thoroughly satisfying story. Fans will be delighted.”–Publishers Weekly

SUNDIAL by Catriona Ward
ISBN 9781250812681 | on sale 3/1/22
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“With this masterful horror novel, Ward (THE LAST HOUSE ON NEEDLESS STREET) weaves a seething, hallucinatory tale of family, death, and hereditary trauma that will keep readers guessing all the way to the devastating conclusion… The queasy narrative gives its characters plenty of space to explore their unreal circumstances without ever sacrificing momentum, and while the ending skillfully ties together the many threads, it never offers easy answers. This is a must-read for fans of gothic literature and taut psychological thrillers.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

TELL ME EVERYTHING: The Story of a Private Investigation by Erika Krouse
ISBN 9781250240309 | on sale 3/15/22
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“The emotional catharsis delivered by the book’s end turns this sensational tale into a stunning story of redemption and hope. Readers will be gripped.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

ISBN 9781250804983 | on sale 3/15/22
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“Pandian (the Accidental Alchemist mysteries) is in top form in this thoroughly enjoyable series launch…. Lovers of traditional mysteries with quirky characters will be well rewarded.”–Publishers Weekly

UNDER THE GOLDEN SUN by Jenny Ashcroft
ISBN 9781250274762 | on sale 3/15/22
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Jenny Ashcroft’s new, captivating World War II historical love story set against the raw beauty of Australia.

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