For Your Consideration: February 2023 LibraryReads Titles

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9781250757869 | 2/28/23
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“Katie Shaw has always felt guilty about failing to protect little brother Chris from a violent attack when they were growing up in the English countryside. Now a mother, she learns that Chris has gone missing in a case that gets braided together with a professor’s murder and the long-ago machinations of a serial killer seemingly able to see the future. Following the New York Times best-selling THE WHISPER MAN and multi-starred THE SHADOWS.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

9781250855466 | 2/21/23
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“The plot preserves the shape of the original without ever losing the capacity to surprise and, more importantly, prod reflection and recognition. This powerful tale of reproductive oppression is sure to wow.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

THE BITE by Z. W. Taylor
9781990259654 | 2/7/23
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Charlotte is on the run from an abusive relationship and hoping to start over in Alaska. Little does she know that her new life is one that is only supposed to exist in fairy tales.

A COUNTRY YOU CAN LEAVE by Asale Angel-Ajani
9780374604059 | 2/21/23
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“In perceptive prose and wry dialogue, Angel-Ajani brings to life a mother and daughter trapped by their circumstances. This is exemplary.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

THE CRADLE OF ICE by James Rollins
9781250766748 | 2/7/23
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“In the series-opening THE STARLESS CROWN, a star student, a disillusioned soldier, a dissolute prince, and a wily thief are on a mission to prevent apocalypse. Now they must separate and travel through vast ice fields to reach a city they know only through legend.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

THE CRANE HUSBAND by Kelly Barnhill
9781250850973 | 2/28/23
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“In bleak but beautiful prose, Barnhill maintains the original fable’s examination of female exploitation at the hands of male partners and the limits of self-sacrifice, while also touching on more contemporary themes like drone surveillance and the commodification of art. The depiction of the perpetual cycle of abuse may be too depressing for some, but fans of dark, surreal fantasy will be enthralled.”–Publishers Weekly

A DAY OF FALLEN NIGHT by Samantha Shannon
9781635577921 | 2/28/23
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“Shannon skillfully grounds high-stakes fantasy action in human emotion and a mature exploration of duty, bodily autonomy, identity, and motherhood. Series fans and any reader looking for queernorm fantasy will be thrilled by this self-assured adventure.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

9781250284082 | 2/7/23
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“In 2036, the poisoning of a beloved actor at a swanky party celebrating his actress wife has Lt. Eve Dallas and Det. Delia Peabody scouting around for those who might not have considered him quite so beloved.”–Kirkus Reviews

THE HOUSE GUEST by Hank Phillippi Ryan
9781250849564 | 2/7/23
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“Surprise after surprise follows, each of which sends the plot skittering off in a new direction. Ryan is a master of suspense.”–Publishers Weekly

THE LAST ORPHAN by Gregg Hurwitz
9781250252326 | 2/14/23
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“Hurwitz was always a fine storyteller, but he really found his groove with the Orphan X novels. He’s clearly having a lot of fun with this series: the writing is crisp, the action scenes are both clever and cinematic, the dialogue is pitch perfect, and the villains are deliciously detestable. First-class.”–Booklist, starred review

MURDER AT HAVEN’S ROCK by Kelley Armstrong
9781250865410 | 2/21/23
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“Designed to keep the world out and its residents’ secrets in, off-the-grid Rockton is now rotten with corruption. So Det. Casey Duncan and her boyfriend, Sheriff Eric Dalton, are building a new town even deeper in the Yukon. Already there’s trouble: despite warnings, two crew members have ambled into the woods and are now missing.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

MY LAST INNOCENT YEAR by Daisy Alpert Florin
9781250857033 | 2/14/23
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“Readers will be rapt and pierced by a young woman’s uphill battle, even in all her brilliance, to believe that she can be the ultimate witness to her own life.”–Booklist

NOT YOUR EX’S HEXES by April Asher
9781250808011 | 2/7/23
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“…Asher enhances the basic worldbuilding with lively romance and sizzling chemistry. It’s funny, fluffy, and fast-paced.”–Publishers Weekly

OF MANNERS AND MURDER: A Dear Miss Hermione Mystery by Anastasia Hastings
9781250848567 | 2/7/23
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“In 1885 London, Aunt Adelia has run off with a lover, and her niece, Violet, must hastily take over Adelia’s popular Agony Aunt column, filled with genteel moanings and groanings. But in the first letter she opens, Ivy Armstrong declares that someone is trying to kill her, and when Violet visits Ivy’s village with her prissy sister Sephora, she learns that Ivy is already dead. A series launch from Hastings, who has published numerous books under numerous names in different genres.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

9781250825650 | 2/21/23
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“Snyder’s bold and succinct descriptions create a visceral aura of terror and desperation. Readers will feel dread as they’re pulled along on this thrilling ride.”–Publishers Weekly

THE SPITE HOUSE by Johnny Compton
9781250841414 | 2/7/23
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“Compton’s chilling debut is horror with heart that puts a refreshingly modern spin on the haunted house story… The tale’s simmering tension builds to an inevitable but thoroughly satisfying conclusion that, like the ghosts of the spite house, lingers. Even the most jaded horror fans will be wowed.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

THE SUN WALKS DOWN by Fiona McFarlane
9780374606237 | 2/14/23
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“…[The] the vivid descriptions of the landscape, a lived-in feeling community, dozens of well-defined characters, and an honest look at the uneasy relationship between settlers and Australia’s Indigenous population carry the reader along. Fans of Richard Flanagan and Peter Carey will love this.”–Publishers Weekly

TAKE THE LEAD by Alexis Daria
9781250817969 | 2/14/23
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“The structure of the competition keeps the pages flying, and Daria does a fantastic job making the thrilling dance routines jump and twirl off the page. Add in the protagonists’ opposite personalities and fiery attraction, and this whirlwind romance scores a 10 out of 10.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

TOO WRONG TO BE RIGHT by Melonie Johnson
9781250768827 | 2/28/23
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“…Johnson nails the pacing of Kat and Mick’s relationship, which goes from lighthearted and fun to sensual and sweet. This slow-burning rom-com is a treat.”–Publishers Weekly

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