For Your Consideration: November 2022 LibraryReads Titles

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November book collage

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BLACKWATER FALLS by Ausma Zehanat Khan
9781250822383 | 11/1/22
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“Kahn brilliantly depicts the complexities of her characters and the tensions of a multicultural American community struggling with bias, fear, and corruption. At once suspenseful, moving, and thought-provoking, this is not to be missed.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

THE CHOICE by Nora Roberts
9781250272720 | 11/22/22
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“Bestseller Roberts expertly weaves threads from the previous two books of her Dragon Heart Legacy series into an epic climax and gratifying grand finale.”–Publishers Weekly

9781250849458 | 11/8/22
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“Combining the sensibilities of Raymond Chandler and Jim Butcher, with an achingly bittersweet tribute to the lesbian underground of the 1940s, this is a must-read for those who like their queer fantasy with a little grit and a lot of soul (pun intended).”–Booklist, starred review

THE LINDBERGH NANNY by Mariah Fredericks
9781250827401 | 11/15/22
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“Historical mystery fans and true crime aficionados will be well pleased.”–Publishers Weekly

THE LOST METAL by Brandon Sanderson
9780765391193 | 11/15/22
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“In their final outing as part of the ‘Mistborn’ series, Wax and Wayne–that is, Waxillium and Wayne, joined by Marasi—journey to the city of Bilming, in turmoil as it attempts to break away from the central government in Elendel. Actually, it’s under the sway of the dangerous god Trell.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

NEVER RESCUE A ROGUE by Virginia Heath
9781250787781 | 11/8/22
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“It’s the perfect mix of romance and intrigue, and the formidable central couple is sure to win hearts. This is a gem.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Heath is carving a name for herself in historical rom-coms.”–Booklist, starred review

OCEAN’S ECHO by Everina Maxwell
9781250758866 | 11/1/22
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“With this outing, Maxwell incisively challenges military and alien artifact SF and digs into the uncomfortable core of these tropes. The queernorm world and heart-tugging slow-burn romance between the leads only enhances the experience. This earns a space on shelves alongside the very best of the genre.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

THE RESEMBLANCE by Lauren Nossett
9781250843241 | 11/8/22
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“Nossett delivers a scathing indictment of Greek life cloaked in a twisty mystery rife with red herrings… Nossett is off to a solid start.”–Publishers Weekly

A RESTLESS TRUTH by Freya Marske
9781250788917 | 11/1/22
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“In a refreshing approach, Marske continues the beloved journey from the first book with an almost entirely new cast of characters and a new hot-and-steamy queer romance… Fans will be delighted.”–Booklist, starred review

TOAD by Katherine Dunn
9780374602321 | 11/1/22
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“A gentle, funny, heartbreaking indictment of the naïve excesses of the 1960s and the testament of a woman who survived them.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

WHITE HORSE by Erika T. Wurth
9781250847652 | 11/1/22
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“As Kari fumbles toward the truth about her family and faces off against a nightmarish entity, Wurth—who is of Apache/Chickasaw/Cherokee descent—paints a compelling portrait of friendship, love, and the quest for self-respect, offering a fierce and generous vision of contemporary Native American life. An engrossing modern horror story that blends the power of Indigenous spiritualism with earthly terrors.”–Kirkus Reviews

THE WILDERWOMEN by Ruth Emmie Lang
9781250246912 | 11/15/22
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“Lang’s melancholy, atmospheric writing sets the perfect tone as the Wilder sisters unravel the mystery. The result is a cozy supernatural outing perfect for an autumn night.”–Publishers Weekly

WINTERLAND by Rae Meadows
9781250834522 | 11/29/22
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DISAPPEARING EARTH meets LITTLE GIRLS IN PRETTY BOXES in this captivating novel about a young girl who is tapped to be a part of the Soviet Union’s gymnastics system.

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