THE STARS BETWEEN US by Cristin Terrill
Wednesday Books
Ages 14-18

E-galley available on Edelweiss and NetGalley

Vika Hale longs for more than her life as a barmaid on Philomenus, a once-thriving mining planet long past its prime, struggling to survive and sharing a tiny apartment with the rest of her family. A mysterious benefactor paid for her schooling as a child, but there has been no sign of them in years. Then, a solicitor appears from a prestigious law firm on the wealthy neighboring planet, Ploutos, and announces that Rigel Chapin, billionaire eccentric, has included her in his will.

Vika steps into a dazzling new world that she can hardly believe is real. The only thing sullying her newfound happiness is the presence of Sky Foster, a young man she met on Philomenus who works for her benefactors and reminds her of her old life at every turn. She doesn’t like or trust him, but when she narrowly escapes an explosion, she suspects someone is targeting the Chapin heirs and enlists Sky to help her investigate. As they work together to untangle the web of lies, they both discover much more than they bargained for.

This is such a delightfully twisty read! As soon as I thought I had figured out who the culprit was, Vika uncovered something new that threw my suspicions out the window. And the slow-burn, sizzling, Bridgerton-esque tension between Sky—who isn’t exactly who he claims to be—and Vika is just delicious. Vika is easy to root for, though she’s a far cry from a perfect heroine, and it’s beautiful to watch her realize the value of her own desires over what she can do to serve others. Readers of the Unstoppable series by Charlie Jane Anders and SKYHUNTER by Marie Lu will devour THE STARS BETWEEN US.

Happy reading!
<3 Elizabeth

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