LJ Winter/Spring 2020 Best Debut Novels

Library Journal‘s Best Debuts of Winter/Spring 2020 include these Macmillan titles!

THE CACTUS LEAGUE by Emily Nemens, ISBN 9780374117948, on sale now
SHARKS IN THE TIME OF SAVIORS by Kawai Strong Washburn, ISBN 9780374272081, on sale now
THE OTHER BENNET SISTER by Janice Hadlow, ISBN 9781250129413, on sale 3/31/20
OONA OUT OF ORDER by Margarita Montimore, ISBN 9781250236609, on sale now
TAKE ME APART by Sara Sligar, ISBN 9780374272616, on sale 4/28/20
THE UNSPOKEN NAME by A. K. Larkwood, ISBN 9781250238900, on sale now
DOCILE by K.M. Szpara, ISBN 9781250216151, on sale now
THE EMPRESS OF SALT AND FORTUNE by Nghi Vo, ISBN 9781250750303, on sale now
MIGRATIONS by Charlotte McConaghy, ISBN 9781250204028, on sale 8/4/20
BARKER HOUSE by David Moloney, ISBN 9781635574166, on sale 4/7/20

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