New Edelweiss E-galleys (6/21/22)

Hello e-galley readers! Check out some of the exciting e-galleys that were recently added to Edelweiss for your downloading pleasure:

OF MANNERS AND MURDER: A Dear Miss Hermione Mystery by Anastasia Hastings
ISBN 9781250848567 | on sale 2/7/23

The first in the new Dear Miss Hermione mystery series from Anastaia Hastingswhen you represent the best-loved Agony Aunt in Britain, both marauding husbands and murder are par for the course.

“The Matter is far from settled, Miss Hermione. In fact, it has grown grave.”

1885; London, England. When Violet’s Aunt Adelia decides to abscond with her newest paramour, she leaves behind two volatile nieces, one dedicated housekeeper, and a mailbox full of trouble. After years of penning the replies of the most popular Agony Aunt in London, Miss Hermione, Adelia is giving up her authorial pursuits to go all-in on love. And unforunately for her elder niece, Violet, Adelia has left the fate of Miss Hermione in her hands.

And of course, the first letter Violet receives is full not of prissy pondering, but of portent.

Ivy Armstrong is in need of help like no other: strange accidents have been happening to and around her, and she confides to Miss Hermione that she fears for her life—and even sends along helpful newspaper sketches of her suspects. Violet, as a woman stymied by the repressed feminine lifestyle of her era and wedded first and foremost to good sense and good books, is determined to help Ivy. But when she visits the village where the letters were posted, Willingdale, she finds an unpleasant surprise waiting for her: Ivy is already dead, and one of her mourners may also be her murderer.

With a sassy and snobbish sister, Sephora, to care for, a murder to solve, and her own complicated feelings for a certain caddish Eli Marsh to corrall, Violet is almost too busy to dole out advice to the British. Almost.

LEGENDS & LATTES: A Novel of High Fantasy and Low Stakes by Travis Baldree
ISBN 9781250886088 | on sale 11/8/22

A delightful fantasy debut for fans of TJ Klune and T. Kingfisher, about a retired orc who trades the warrior life for the quiet life. Or so she planned…

Come take a load off at Viv’s cafe, the first & only coffee shop in Thune. Grand opening!

Worn out after decades of packing steel and raising hell, Viv, the orc barbarian, cashes out of the warrior’s life with one final score. A forgotten legend, a fabled artifact, and an unreasonable amount of hope lead her to the streets of Thune, where she plans to open the first coffee shop the city has ever seen.

However, her dreams of a fresh start filling mugs instead of swinging swords are hardly a sure bet. Old frenemies and Thune’s shady underbelly may just upset her plans. To finally build something that will last, Viv will need some new partners, and a different kind of resolve.

A hot cup of fantasy, slice-of-life with a dollop of romantic froth.

LITTLE EVE by Catriona Ward
ISBN 9781250812650 | on sale 10/11/22

Winner of the Shirley Jackson Award for best novel, and the August Derleth Prize for best horror novel, LITTLE EVE is a heart-pounding literary gothic with a devastating twist.

“A great day is upon us. He is coming. The world will be washed away.”

On the wind-battered isle of Altnaharra, off the wildest coast of Scotland, a clan prepares to bring about the end of the world and its imminent rebirth.

The Adder is coming and one of their number will inherit its powers. They all want the honor, but young Eve is willing to do anything for the distinction.

A reckoning beyond Eve’s imagination begins when Chief Inspector Black arrives to investigate a brutal murder and their sacred ceremony goes terribly wrong.

And soon all the secrets of Altnaharra will be uncovered.

THE DARK KING by Gina L. Maxwell
ISBN 9781649373274 | on sale 9/27/22

New York Times bestselling author Gina L. Maxwell is back with the first in the Deviant Kings series set in a modern world but with a dark, erotic fantasy twist perfect for fans of NEON GODS.

When Bryn Meara received a promotional offer for an all-expenses paid trip to the famous Nightfall Hotel and Casino in Vegas the same day she lost her job, she took it as a sign from the universe. She expected to soak in the sun, get some R&R, and maybe try her luck at the tables. What she didn’t expect was to get hit on by Nightfall’s sexy owner and media-dubbed ‘King of Vegas,’ Caiden Verran. Not one to look a real-life Prince Charming in the mouth, they hit the hotel nightclub where she enjoyed a few dirty martinis… and a lot of dirty dancing. Meeting and connecting with a handsome, surprisingly down-to-earth billionaire was a huge surprise. But not as big of a surprise as waking up next to Caiden with their clothes littering the floor and matching wedding bands on their fingers. And if that wasn’t enough, overnight her prince charming has turned into a domineering billionaire that won’t let her leave. Now, for better or worse they’re stuck together until they can get their marriage annulled.

WHERE BLACK STARS RISE by Nadia Shammas and Marie Enger
ISBN 9781250750174 | on sale 10/18/22

A horror graphic novel about two women who find themselves pulled into a terrifying world by a cosmic entity beyond their understanding.

Dr. Amal Robardin, a newly-licensed therapist who recently immigrated to Brooklyn from Beirut, is treating her first patient: Yasmin, who is schizophrenic. The two get off to a rocky start, and as Yasmin’s night terrors increase and the looming figure at the foot of her bed creeps closer every night, Amal begins to worry that she’s out of her depth.

Convinced that what she is experiencing is not a delusion, Yasmin becomes obsessed with Robert Chambers’ The King in Yellow. Messages she finds in the book lead Yasmin to flee her home, seeking answers she can’t find in therapy.

Distraught over Yasmim’s sudden disappearance, Amal attempts to retrace her patient’s last steps—and accidentally slips through dimensions, ending up in Carcosa, the King in Yellow’s realm. Trapped and determined to find her way out, Amal enlists the help of a mysterious guide, but is he a friend… or her tormentor?

PANTHER GAP by James McLaughlin
ISBN 9781250821003 | on sale 4/4/23

Siblings Bowman and Summer were raised by their father and two uncles on a remote Colorado ranch. They react differently to his radical teachings and the confusions of adolescence. As young adults, they become estranged but are brought back together in their thirties by the prospect of an illegal and potentially dangerous inheritance from their grandfather. They must ultimately reconcile with each other and their past in order to defeat ruthless criminal forces trying to extort the inheritance.

Set in the rugged American West and populated by drug cartels, shadowy domestic terrorists, and nefarious business interests, PANTHER GAP shows James McLaughlin’s talents on full display: gorgeous environmental writing, a white-knuckle thriller plot, and characters dealing with legacy, identity, and their own place in the world.

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