ALL THE BEST LIARS by Amelia Kahaney
Flatiron Books
Ages 14-18

Syd, Brie, and Rain were inseparable. Spending sunkissed summer days running around and nights in each other’s homes, they lived through the strong intensity that first friendship brings. But when Brie’s life changes and she moves from the wrong side of the tracks where Syd and Rain live to a mansion in the wealthy part of their California desert, the BFFs split apart. The next few years it’s just Rain and Syd on the outside watching Brie with her new crowd of popular girls. As the end of high school nears, Syd’s main focus is on finding a way out and not letting the tension with Brie distract her from getting there.

But then Rain’s mother wins the lottery and it seems as though the past is repeating itself, but this time it’s Rain moving up and away from Syd. While Rain and Brie reunite over shopping and their nicer newer homes, Syd has to find a way to make it seem as though she’s okay with everything changing . . . especially with Brie’s classic manipulation that makes it impossible for Syd and Rain to stay friends. Then a deadly fire is set two weeks before the end of school, and the three girls all get their wish of escaping their home, but not as friends. One does it by dying, one by lying, and the third by taking the fall. 

Amelia Kahaney’s ALL THE BEST LIARS is a dark modern thriller that takes a look at the grittiness of teenage life and the complexity of friendship. This slow-burn suspense, which ends in a roaring blaze, is addictively haunting with an eerie twist that will leave fans of Courtney Summers and E. Lockhart absolutely speechless. Set in an intense atmosphere and filled with an even more intense cast of characters, ALL THE BEST LIARS is the ultimate exploration of friendship and betrayal, envy and obsession, and three girls being pushed to the edge.

“A dynamic, suspenseful tale of friendship and betrayal.” —Kirkus Reviews

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