THE ONE TRUE ME AND YOU by Remi K. England
Wednesday Books
Ages 12-18

Teagan and Kaylee are both staying at the same hotel in Florida for the weekend, but they’re there for very different reasons. Teagan is competing in the Miss Cosmic Teen USA pageant and Kaylee is attending a fan-con for a Sherlock Holmes-inspired TV show. There’s not a lot of overlap between the two groups, but when Teagan sneaks out of her hotel room on the first night to explore the con (because she’s secretly obsessed with the show) and meets Kay, sparks fly immediately. 

They soon learn that they both have secrets. Teagan is gay, but is forced to keep it under wraps in the pageant world. Kay is using the con as a chance to try out new pronouns and (hopefully) kiss a girl for the first time. They also both have a shared enemy. Miss North Carolina is Teagan’s biggest rival in the pageant and Kay’s biggest bully back home. As they continue to bond over the weekend and their two separate worlds begin to meld together, Teagan and Kay must decide if their shared connection is worth having their secrets revealed to the world.

THE ONE TRUE ME AND YOU is truly delightful. It’s bursting at the seams with joy and hope and nerdiness. Teagan and Kay are incredibly lovable, but also realistically flawed, and I loved watching their adorable whirlwind romance unfold. Readers who enjoyed MOXIE, ONLY MOSTLY DEVASTATED, DUMPLIN’, and GEEKERELLA are all sure to fall for this big-hearted story of acceptance and self-discovery.

“This novel wonderfully explores the alienation and confusion felt by many LGBTQ+ teens without slipping into hopelessness; Teagan and Kaylee experience heartwarming and immensely relatable character growth . . . Delves into both the wonderful communal spaces and the toxic minefields presented by pageants and fandom.” —Kirkus Reviews

Happy reading!
<3 Emily

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