Thriller Thursday (7/8/21)

This adventure-filled thriller Thursday features a black father and white father on a crusade for revenge and Chet the dog helping a scared young woman with a secret.


3 starred reviews!

“His story of fathers and sons, of men learning to respect others’ lives, has an unexpected depth for such a violent, confrontational book. This powerful book should be in every library.”–Library Journal, starred review

“Cosby follows up his smash debut BLACKTOP WASTELAND (2020) with a powerful blend of pulsing action, sensitive and subtle character interaction, and uncompromising but highly nuanced reflection on racism and homophobia.”–Booklist, starred review

“Lean and mean, this is crime fiction with a chip on its shoulder. Violence and love go hand in hand in this tale of two rough men seeking vengeance for their murdered sons.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

TENDER IS THE BITE by Spencer Quinn

“Chet is a source of wisdom and innate doggie joie de vivre, making this a real pleasure for anyone who has ever looked into a dog’s eyes and asked: who’s a good boy? This outing should win this offbeat series new fans.”–Publishers Weekly

RAZORBLADE TEARS by S.A. Cosby; 9781250252708; available now.
TENDER IS THE BITE by Spencer Quinn; 9781250770240; available now.

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