RAZORBLADE TEARS, S.A. Cosby’s provocative and fast-paced story of bloody retribution and redemption, has THREE starred reviews!

“Few novels marry tough and tender, head-banging and coming-of-age, as seamlessly as this one does, but that’s no surprise from a supremely talented writer who keeps getting better.“–Booklist, starred review

“A lean, mean crime story about two bereaved fathers getting their hands bloody… This is a bloody good yarn with two compelling antiheroes you’ll root for from the start, and not only because their enemies, or at least some of them, belong to a White nationalist biker club with murderous ways of its own. Lean and mean, this is crime fiction with a chip on its shoulder. Violence and love go hand in hand in this tale of two rough men seeking vengeance for their murdered sons.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“His story of fathers and sons, of men learning to respect others’ lives, has an unexpected depth for such a violent, confrontational book. This powerful book should be in every library.“–Library Journal, starred review

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