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VICTORIES GREATER THAN DEATH is the start of a new YA Sci-Fi trilogy from international bestselling author of ALL THE BIRDS IN THE SKY and THE CITY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, Charlie Jane Anders. 

Available April 13, 2021 from Tor Teen
Ages 13-18
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Tina has been waiting her whole life for the beacon inside her to light up and beam the signal for her extraterrestrial allies to whisk her away on a grand adventure. But until then she’s stuck in high school. The creative and kind protagonist of VICTORIES GREATER THAN DEATH might look human, but she’s an alien—well, the clone of a very famous alien—hidden in earth’s lonely corner of the universe until the day she might be reclaimed, safe from the hands (and weapons) of her enemies. But when the beacon finally activates, the friends and former crew of her now-deceased genetic ancestor arrive with those enemies in tow, and Tina finds herself at the center of galaxies mired in bloody conflict. 

Inventive aliens populate a vast cosmos of cities, ruins, and wild places that Tina and her earthlings get to explore as crew of the starship Indomitable. The aliens are so cool, and in particular I love Senior Security Officer Vaap, a genderless giant composed of half-organic rocks and Alternate Captain Lyzix, a vulpine biped whose fur is a symbiotic organism that helps regulate intense emotion. But the bigness of VICTORIES GREATER THAN DEATH reaches farther than the cosmic scale of its stage. Throughout the story, Tina struggles with troubles of identity and legacy. She is not human, yet has grown up as one on Earth. She is the clone of fabled Captain Thaoh Argentian, saddled with the hopes and expectation of a universe her forebear was not, in the end, strong enough to save on her own. Even Marrant, the sinister villain and ex-bona fide companion of Captain Argentian is looking for an echo in Tina of someone who no longer exists. Over the course of the story, Tina’s definition of what Captain Argentian’s legacy means for her evolves as she learns more about her progenitor and herself. Is she more than Captain Argentian—able to succeed where she failed? Unable, and therefore less? Or is Tina Tina—someone else entirely?

Charlie Jane Anders’s YA debut is already a favorite among prominent literary figures such as LeVar Burton and Holly Black.  

“Charlie Jane Anders has a rich and delicious talent—and a wickedly funny voice that the world really needs right now.”—LeVar Burton, Reading Rainbow, Roots, Star Trek

VICTORIES GREATER THAN DEATH is a gorgeous romp through the galaxy, full of fascinating aliens, true friendship, swashbuckling, space battles, and love.”—Holly Black, New York Times bestselling author

Perfect for fans of Steven Universe and Doctor Who, VICTORIES GREATER THAN DEATH by Charlie Jane Anders comes out 4/13/21. 


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