Adult Books for Teens

This month’s roundup of adult books for teens includes a technological thriller, a sci-fi novella, and a journalist’s memoir of life under ISIS.

THE GOD GAME by Danny Tobey
Five ambitious high school students find their lives at risk when a video game that thinks it’s God won’t let them quit.

“Teen gamers will be drawn into this nightmare scenario in which they find themselves under the control of the force behind the controls.” —Booklist, YA Insterest

RIOT BABY by Tochi Onyebuchi
Tochi Onyebuchi tackles youth, race, and the carceral state with magical flair in his adult science fiction debut, RIOT BABY.

“Teens, especial exiting fans, willing to explore dark but relevant topics will follow Onyebuchi here.” —Booklist, YA Interest

“Stark, sharp, and brutal, this story will burn in readers’ minds long after the last page.”
Library Journal, starred review

“Onyebuchi’s unexpectedly hopeful ending is just as powerful as his unflinching, heartbreaking depictions of racism and cruelty. This staggering story is political speculative fiction at its finest.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

FATHER OF LIONS by Louise Callaghan
THE BOOKSELLER OF KABUL meets THE ZOOKEEPER’S WIFE: an award-winning journalist puts a human face on life under ISIS, told through the prism of the Mosul zoo.

“Immersion in a war zone, coupled with saving animals, will attract teens.” —Booklist, YA Interest

“Recommended for readers seeking a more nuanced understanding of the complexities inherent to this region.” Library Journal, starred review

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