ALA’s 2023 Rainbow Book List

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Ala's 2023 rainbow book list

We’re so excited to have 8 titles on ALA’s 2023 Rainbow Book List for Teen Readers!!

THE DEAD AND THE DARK by Courtney Gould
Logan and her two fathers (who are reality TV ghost hunters) move to
Snakebite, OR to chase their next story. While there, Logan and Ashleigh
attempt to uncover the hidden evil in the town while also falling in love.

Amber McCloud is heading into Junior year with a singular goal: make cheer
captain next year. Popular and peppy, Amber is likely to achieve her dream,
until Jack Walsh, the new female quarterback, arrives at Atherton High. Jack is
an amazing athlete, but Jack’s teammates aren’t pleased with the new female
addition to the team. As Amber and Jack grow closer, Amber must decide
whether or not to stand up for Jack and potentially lose the popularity needed to
be cheer captain.

When Shara Wheeler disappears on prom night, she leaves a trail of clues for
the three people she kissed the previous week: her boyfriend, the boy next
door, and Chloe, her academic rival and nemesis. A hilarious and bittersweet
high school movie of a book about being queer in small-town Alabama.

IF THIS GETS OUT by Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich
Ruben, Angel, Zach, and Jon are best friends and members of Saturday, one of
the most popular boy bands in the United States. Now on their first European
tour, Ruben and Zach discover their feelings for each other, but Saturday’s
management team wants them to keep their relationship a secret.

In a post-apocalyptic future, Dinah Caldwell finds her mother dead after an
altercation with Gabriel Gates over the well on her family’s land. Gates wants to
use the well for his own profit, and Dinah knows that Gates has the force and
brutality to take what he desires. Now homeless and alone, Dinah finds herself
plotting revenge against Gates and his men.

FORWARD MARCH by Skye Quinlan
Harper McKinley has enough to worry about this year, with her Republican dad
running for re-election and her mom being the headmistress of her private
school. Then she finds out someone has been using her face on a fake profile
and sexting with the drumline captain, Margot. The more Harper gets to know
Margot, the more she realizes that maybe this catfish plot wasn’t so bad. What
could go wrong?

THE LOST GIRLS by Sonia Hartl
A girl gang of vampires attempt to end the life of their ex and sire, Elton, but
things get complicated when Holly, the 1980s paramour of Elton, falls for Elton’s
current love interest, the human girl, Parker.

The women in Lou Wickett’s family have a dangerous history with the Goblin
Market that thrives under the streets of York. When Lou’s youngest aunt, Neela,
is captured by Goblins, Lou must learn how to face the temptations and terrors
of the Market if she wants to get herself and Neela out alive.

The full list can be found know more.

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